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Okay. I’m so lost. I am pretty good with illustrator but this is really bugging me. I know there is a way to do this but I’m done searching for an answer. I have a pattern and I want illustrator to score the lines of said pattern but when I hit CmdY it has outlined the paths. I only want one path to score. Not 2. Also, how do I release all those clipping masks? When I right click it doesn’t give me the option to do that. I have to manually double click the clip line until it is isolated and delete it. Its really annoying when there is more than one. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!!!

Screen Shot 2020-02-14 at 2.09.44 PM|482x500

@jules? @chris1? Ya’ll are Illustrator folk!

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Yeah, but no easy answer on this one.

Without seeing it in person, those lines look like filled compound paths, not a single path with a stroke color. (Results from doing an auto-trace on what I call a “Coloring Book” image…one that has lines but no fill color at the time it was originally traced.)

Quickest thing to do is rasterize them, then use the tutorial below to create a Centerline Trace. Once you have a Centerline trace result, you can set a stroke color and it will be scorable.

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Just wondering if there is any reason you need the lines to score? You could convert the image to a raster and engrave also.

I downloaded the file like that. I didn’t trace it. That is exactly what it is! A compound path with a fill. I need it to be a stroke. I will try the tutorial. Thanks!

I wanted to score it so my daughter could color it. Thats her favorite thing to do. Everyday after school she asks me to print her something she can color.


Just FYI, posting in Problems and Support opens a technical support ticket with Glowforge staff. I’ll move this to an appropriate forum.

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if you make it a raster it will look the same and she can still color it.

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