Illustrator SVG isn't uploading to the glowforge

Hello Glowforge forum,

I’m happy to be back since my last thread with an actual not-broken-in-shipment Glowforge that shipped out quickly so thank you to GF staff for that!

However now I have a new, and perhaps more dubious issue. After cutting out the founder’s ruler and making a tiny engrave of a drawing I had lying around I moved on to the third tutorial and made a quick design in illustrator to actually engrave, score, and cut out. However after saving the file as an .SVG and trying to upload it to the GF I have encountered countless “unexpected error” messages and no success in actually getting my file to appear.

Here is what I can diagnose about the issue thus far:

-it isn’t the contents of the file itself, I haven’t been able to get an .SVG with just a single path line to show up
-I was able to get an .SVG from inkscape to upload
-I’ve finagled with the illustrator settings on saving the svg file but have had no success

The adobe illustrator I have on this computer is outdated, CS2, which is the only anomaly I can assume might be causing an issue.

I’ve sent an email to support as well, if anyone has any ideas about what could be an issue please let me know. :frowning:

When I save an SVG in Inkscape, I was told to save it as a ‘Plain SVG’ instead of ‘Inkscape SVG’. Does Illustrator have a way to save a standard / plain SVG?

Illustrator saves a pretty clean SVG.

Inkscape has an Inkscape SVG and a Plain SVG. The Inkscape variety will throw in some stuff that is not SVG-compliant and can cause problems when uploading.

I’m not sure what the CS2 save dialog looks like. This is a good SVG export from CC18

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Hey is the site coming up for you? I was just using the but now it doesn’t come up and the main GF page also shows as down.

Here’s a great resource for saving SVGs from Illustrator (and other apps):

CS2 is earlier than I use, but I think if you Save As… and select SVG, you’ll get a short version of this dialog:

I think there’s a “more options” button at the lower left that will reveal all these options.

HTH, and good luck!

Have you tried dragging and dropping the file onto the Dashboard? (They had a little problem a while back with the Upload button - don’t know if that issue has been resolved yet.)

Yeah I’ve tried dragging and dropping and lots of little variations with no success- I took the same illustrator file onto another computer with CS3 and the SVG I exported did work (good thing yay) so now I’m almost positive it has something to do with CS2. It’s not world ending but I have no idea what’s wrong with the SVG files CS2 makes. :confused:

If you upload one here, someone can take a look. It would be best to zip it so the forum software doesn’t strip anything out.


Thanks for letting me know about this.

Like others have suggested, would you mind sharing your file so I can take a look. If it’s more comfortable for you to email it to me at, that’s fine too.

svg (564 Bytes)

Here is a test svg I made of just a circle path.

Thank you @crimson_flygon. I’ll take a look and update the topic when I have more information.

If you save your design as an SVG instead of exporting, does that solve it?

I have only made the SVG by saving, not exporting (I’ve tried both since out of experimentation with no success)

Thanks for your reply.

We’re seeing this too and will keep looking into it. Since the newer version of Illustrator works, I recommend you use that version to create your designs.

I’m going to close this topic – please post a new one if you have any other questions.