Illustrator template SVG to GFUI moving art question

I have a confession:
Every time I import a SVG into the GFUI, I always have to move it around, it isn’t always lined up as I would expect.

Does this amazing group of :glowforge: ers recommend anything I could do to optimize my workflow?

I use illustrator, and this is my template. 20x12 (96.9 KB)


I used your template and exported an SVG and the file below.
Aloha Export.pdf (26.1 KB)

Both files located perfectly
It is a 1x1 box with center located at 5.5, 2.5 (top corner at 5,2)

It landed perfectly.

Is it your SVG export settings?


That is a great question, I didn’t change anything on the default export to SVG settings.
Thank you so much for checking!!!


Are you exporting the artboard or the objects? Exporting the artboard will place the items where you have them on your artboard. Exporting the objects will not hold their location from your artboard.

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I’m using export save as SVG, and the things are in their location, just the board doesn’t line up as I would expect it.

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Try CNTL-ALT-E if you’re on a PC and see if that helps. GF says not to do that method but it has worked for years for me.


I’m on a Mac. What does that command do?

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Export for Screens

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