Illustrator text in shape not showing text

Has anyone noticed and found a workaround for putting text inside shapes - and I’m talking about using Illustrators ability to wrap text to a shape and then engraving it? When I put the text into a shape using the wrap feature glowforge automatically sees the shape of the ‘wrap shape’ instead of the text. In illustrator the tool I’m talking about is a variation of the type tool. when you hover over a shape with the type tool it transforms from a square to a circle in order to embed the text inside the bounds of the shape. TIA

You have to “object/expand appearance” before sending it to GF. Depending on how complex the warp or other effects you’ve done, you may have to run it a couple times.


looks like there are a couple of different ways I finally found. expanding like @ekla says works great. usually, the easiest for me is the ‘create outlines function’.

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Thank you so much for reaching out with that question. We are going to do a little investigating and get back to you with any solutions we may find.

More soon.

Thanks for the answer @ekla, that’s right! @mark.stoll91, I’m glad you got the answer you need. I’m going to close this thread - if you need anything else, go ahead and post a new topic. Thanks for writing in!