"I'm done" notification - sound needed on glowforge and/or computer

This has been suggested elsewhere, and it seems like a fairly easy and REALLY useful addition.

We are doing production of 50+ pieces at a time, sometimes it takes 5-10 min to render the design, and then cutting/engraving can take an hour. Obviously we’re multitasking, and the beauty of the Glowforge is that you can just hit print and go, have the Glowforge constantly working for you in the background.
But there needs to be some (audible and/or visual) cue when it’s ready for you to take the next step – either hitting the glowing button or changing out the piece. Ours is in another room because of the noise, and with the heat/AC, we just don’t hear the thing stop, and we lose valuable production time while it’s sitting there idle.

Can you PLEASE add (with the ability to turn on/off each feature)

  1. A pop-up or visual notification when the Glowforge is done (rendering or done printing)
  2. An alarm sound in the browser
  3. A sound on the glowforge itself (maybe they didn’t include that hardware, maybe that’s not possible)



i always thought the distinct lack of sound when it stops was my alarm.


Everyone operates the unit differently. There have been laser destroying fires in a few units. It would go like this…

Plaintiff’s lawyer: Isn’t it reasonable to assume that the completion tone was enabled to make it easier not to carefully monitor the unit?

Judge: $3 million award for negligence.


a browser-tab notification (with an optional audible notification) when the job has finished rendering would be helpful. I have suggested it in the past. The discourse tab notifies me if people have added more comments on a thread I have open. I’m with @rpegg though, that an audible tone to notify that the job has finished engraving would just encourage more people to become lax about monitoring the job.


I know you know this, but you shouldn’t be in another room while printing. Fire will really cause you to lose valuable production time.


I’d sure love a sound when it’s ready to go.
Glowy button is waiting for me to press.
Not always; but when I’m waiting for the render and doing something else… well, I’m ADD and it might wait for an hour. A wasted lost hour because I forgot I was waiting for it.
My problem, I know.
But an optional ding… I’d like it.


ok, now that would be a good thing.


For the time being, set a timer on your phone? (presuming that is in your pocket). Or a kitchen timer you can carry with you into the other room?

But in general, the GF is not meant to be left unattended, so from safety/legal perspective, don’t expect the company to add an indicator to help if you’re not near the machine to happen anytime soon…


Suggested sound: the win 3.1 tada.wav sound.


That would definitely get me to put my ears up at least the first time.


That’s a great idea for a feature - thanks for the suggestion! We haven’t announced anything like that yet, but I’m going to send it to our product team with a note that it came from a customer request.

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