I'm late to the party- glowforge print vs premium

I’m dealing with a divorce. my life has been chaotic the last two months, was even wrongfully forced out of the home for a bit. I’ve lawyered up, but in the midst of all this, I ran one job, started the premium trial in a rush, and didn’t see all the details about it.

I now got the message that the premium trial concluded and I have 30 days to get my approx 600 designs saved from the cloud. … but then i found another posting that says that unlimited cloud storage is available for the legacy customers? I believe I should be a legacy customer. I bought two machines over the years, the first one was a basic during the first 30 day campaign. The second was bought a bit over a year or maybe two years ago.

But… If I’m a legacy customer, why did i get the message that i have only a short period of time to export my designs? Can legacy customer status be confirmed and my designs saved please???

Also, I just read now that the legacy customers had a chance to get the premium at 14.99/month, and I was completely unaware of it by the time the window of that was closed. is that completely unavailable to me?

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Worry not…you’re legacy. That archiving message is for new purchasers going forward. (You’re not the first to comment on it.) :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I’m not sure whether they will retroactively credit the $14.99 this far out, but you can still get a hefty discount…They are currently running a Black Friday 50% off special for everyone who wants to sign up for Premium…so you can get it for $25/month instead of $50.

Details are here in the November announcement:

(Sorry to hear about the divorce.) :frowning:


I’m looking at a bankruptcy on top of the divorce so, I could really use all the help I can get.

I’m so sorry! 2020 has been doubly awful for you! :’( I hope things turn around and are going well for you soon.

Sawa, we’ve missed you! Here’s a virtual hug. :hugs:

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Thanks glowfriends. It means a lot to me.


Sorry to hear about your difficulties! Another hug to you.


@Sawa so sorry for your difficulites! I’ve sent you an email with more information, so I’m going to close this topic.