I'm new to the Community & I have a question

I’m not a graphic designer or even know the first thing about it. I was wanting to make some tea lights and give to my daughters as gifts. I am using 1/8" BB wood I bought Ocooch Hardwoods. I used the Community for resources which is great! Thank Ya’ll very much. I used maker case for basic box. However, it will not stay together like the one I made using medium maple plywood. I was disappointed. In maker case it gives you an option for custom thickness not sure how or what to change. Not sure to go from here.

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Welcome to the forum.
If you have calipers, use them to measure the thickness of your BB and input that measurement into the material thickness tab for maker case.


If you want it to be even more snug, subtract about 0.005” from your thickness measurement.

If you don’t have calipers you can manually test using a pair of these guys:

Then just slot the two pieces together and enter the width of the slot that you like as your material thickness.


Hi there. Thank you for welcoming me to the Community & your quick response. When you said calipers, my automatic thought was car. Not sure if they are related or not. I will have to google calipers.

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Since you’re new you might like this post:

In particular check out #1a, it covers tools/accessories you might like, including calipers :slight_smile:


Thank you for all of your assistance.


For a deeper dive the subject is “kerf” that is the term for material removed cutting whether it is by laser, saw, or any other cutting tool. Searching kerf here will literally give you hours of productive reading.


Digital measuring thingy, you’ll find them very useful for designing your own projects. They look like this:

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