I'm not getting a response on a Glowforge I shipped back

I was sent an invoice for a refurbished Glowforge after sending mine back for repair. The link sent me to a store page that listed the device as being sold out. This makes it impossible for me to pay for the unit and get it shipped. I’ve sent multiple emails last Friday, over the weekend, and Monday and have gotten no response. At a loss for what I should do at this point. I’ve been out of action all year.

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Every email and every time you open a thread here creates another number and more bureaucracy to trace down so they are all together.

I am sure the refurbished machine will be as good as new or better, however there are issues way beyond Glowforge that you might have seen in the news that several folks refurbishing machines together is not as common as it once was.

Once the safety issues are resolved I am sure you will be high on the list, but I am sure you do not want people dying right now to refurbish a machine for you.

Hi @thanos2001,

I am so sorry that you weren’t able to complete the order, and for the delayed response from our team to resolve this matter for you. It’s our top priority to get you printing again.

We’ve fixed the problem on our end, and followed up with you directly over email. Since we’re communicating there, I’m going to close this thread.