I'm so blue


How in the world do you keep PearlEx from getting…EVERYWHERE!
(Dear God…i dropped it.) :grimacing:


ROTFL - that’s why I treat that stuff (and glitter) like hazmat! :wink:

Once it’s on your skin or around your workspace, there is no getting rid of it.


Seriously. I think I just ruined my desktop cutting mat…and that thing is a custom job. Grrrrrrrrr.


Nah, you should be able to salvage it. It’ll just take some elbow grease. Maybe try a dust buster first (so that you’re not rubbing it in there) and then a good scrub down?


Let me ask you - are you supposed to mix that stuff into the glue first? Cause sprinkling it on top is STUPID!


I’m not sure how paper crafters do it. When I use it on leather, I generally mix it with paint or even a little bit of water and paint it on.


I should have asked first…

Okay, this is just going to have to be another one of those life learning experiences…


Step 1: Don’t drop it…

I think that’s about all I can contribute. Sounds like a mess :frowning:


oh, I feel so guilty now for bringing up pearl-ex the other day. I seriously considered reminding everyone that I’m a 2 yr old with craft supplies, and that stuff is easy to get everywhere. I use q-tips to apply it (usually to wet/unbaked polymer clay), and when I do, I’ve got my “adult” alter-ego-voice reminding me to “watch - watch - watch - careful” so I don’t spill the jar… I feel your pain.

[edit] oh - and I wear a face-mask, otherwise I’d be sneezing blue for days…


Hahaha! Here is a glitter tip that might work for Pearl-Ex: use a Swiffer dust cloth–they glom onto glitter something fierce.


Matter of fact - have changed mind about making a beautiful card - and will switch to housecleaning.

It’s making me laugh now…I have been putzing with a laser for several weeks now…no issues.
One small jar of craft powder and ka-blooie!

Too late.

Will attempt. (One thing - I was able to scrub it out of the craft mat with a Magic Eraser, so that’s one problem down.)

I’ve got most of it rounded up off the surfaces now, but I keep leaving marks all over the house - got some on the jeans i guess. (Sat in it, rolled around, puffed a little into the hair…)


Roflmao…sorry for finding this amusing…I work alot with mica powders and dry pigments and ultra fine glitters…I hear ya…I am oh so careful not to spill but seem to just at the last little bit at the end…lol


:scream_cat::scream_cat: One time I sneezed near an open bottle of pearl ex… it was horrible.

I turn it into ink using Gum Arabic and water. The gum arabic thickens and stops it from smearing once dry. I have also used it for airbrushing by mixing into a medium.


Oh eeeeek! Good luck with that :-/


Ohhh no. Lint roller / picking up the dust with lots of scotch tape may help?


I’ve got it mostly picked up off of everything but me now…might be time for a really late night shower. :stuck_out_tongue:


Treat it like mixing corn starch to thicken a sauce. Mix up a tiny bit with enough glue to make a paste. Then you can add more glue easily to thin it out.


so, how do we request a new emoji? I think there should be one for “I spilled/swallowed/breathed craft-supply-stuff everywhere and will be tracking it around for days now, contaminating everything.”

maybe something between :baby: [got it all over my face] and :hand_splayed: [it is all over my hands] and :ok_woman: omg, it is stuck in my hair too and :rolling_eyes: [oh, geez, did I sit on it?!]


ROFL! I agree!
We need to put Dan on it when he comes up for air. :smile:


I have mental images of the shower scene in Psycho except that it’s a river of blue swirling in the tub :smile: