I'm sure there's a way to use a laser with this (tiny sushi house)



Saw this come up in targeted Facebook videos suggesting Japanese things, after seeing a new glowforge video. I definitely wanna make me something like this!


Proofgrade seaweed?


Just had sushi tonight. :sushi: We love making it. Some point I would like to laser some just for fun.




I meant more like, in the cutting out of the shelves, walls, roof, counter, etc.


There was talk about lasering chocolate. Sushi can be very ornate, I don’t see a reason why some top tier restaurant wouldn’t use a glowforge to really take presentation over the top.

Looks the already have


That’s on my to-do list, near the top of it.


This group cracks me up because they can jump straight to lasering food instead of the obvious house plans. lol Pinterest is your friend on this… look for regular woodworking and scroll saw plans and patterns and just adjust for the laser. I have a rather large board with them when I run across them or direct search them. I have also found pictures of miniature house kit manuals online and just worked off how they did it. https://www.pinterest.com/medwards1017/laser-patterns/ My daughter loves Littlest Pet Shop, so I am becoming quite a pro at miniatures. lol I may have some on other boards that I don’t have set to secret if you nose around… I don’t remember. Good luck! OH and search on thingiverse.com I know there are some on there too.




@rubbersoul79 Great Pinterest board :grinning:

Here is a great thread with a bunch more QOTD: Post your "Laser Inspiration" Pinterest Boards!


Ooooh, yeah! You’ve got some good ones in there I hadn’t seen. :smiley:

(Fell right down that rabbit hole.)


I have a freakish amount of paper cutting/engraving templates… it’s becoming one of my favorite things to do… I am rather amazed by it really. :slight_smile:


Have you seen the Scherenschnitte sites? (It’s pretty amazing what you could pull off with a laser and paper.)


I will have to copy and paste that into Google for sure. I love that stuff!