QOTD: Post your "Laser Inspiration" Pinterest Boards!



Hey all-

Haven’t officially introduced myself. I’m one of the co-founders at Glowforge and the noisiest “design voice” at the company! :slight_smile:

Edyer4 mentioned having a Pinterest board of laser projects on this thread (http://community.glowforge.com/t/tech-husband-crafty-wife/307) that they are excited about and it occured to me that lots of people probably have the same thing going (I know I do). So, if you’re keen to do so, would love to see your Pinterest boards of what you’re wanting to make with your Glowforge (or just things that inspire you).

Here’s mine: https://www.pinterest.com/anthony6168/idea-board/

Tech Husband, Crafty Wife
Some of the stuff I've been saving up for inspiration for projects
I'm sure there's a way to use a laser with this (tiny sushi house)
Good youtube channels to follow for laser cutting/engraving in general? Any GF specific?
Beta day 6? project 6? (Cool Contraption)

Hi Tony!

Ok, I started one too:


That’s a good idea. Here is my pinterest board for lasercut items.


My wife was a little hesitant about making such a big purchase until I showed her some of the things it can do. Then we started this board together and didn’t stop adding things and geeking out for several hours straight.


I posted this on the other thread, but I’ll stick it here too. Now to go manically repin everyone else’s pins.


Here’s mine I started the day I first heard about the Glowforge:




Here is my Pinterest board


Here is my wife’s Pinterest Board


I hate all of you, really really bad for getting me addicted to Pinterest. Hours are just going by without my knowledge :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Might as well add mine in here too. I am breaking them down into categories and basically just being really anal about sorting them.


I’ve been adding to this one for almost 2 years. Lot’s of ideas!

Inspire us with your project plans!

So…I’m just going to follow all these because I’m lazy like that today.
I eventually want to make a collection of basic knowledge stuffs. Material lists, quick tips, and charts for all us people who’ve never even touched a laser.


Here’s my Pinterest Glowforge Inspiration


Great links. Thanks for sharing


There is a lot of crossover in my boards but here is mine that is most dedicated to the laser. https://www.pinterest.com/markevans36301/laser-cut/


I’m in heaven. The hardest thing is going to be deciding what to laser first when my machine comes. Ahhhhh
Here’s mine https://www.pinterest.com/chaniilove/laser-all-the-things/


I’ll jump on the bandwagon and share mine… yes… 800 pins and growing… yes… I’m an addict.


Here’s mine!


Here’s another one!