I'm trying to select material but when I go to select, the screen goes blank

Im trying to Select Materials but when I enter it, the screen goes blank
Never happened before

I’m having the same problem - Arghhhh! Please get a fix ASAP - need to get products out the door today!

Same. I use my Glowforge with my STEM Classes and we are at a standstill! We only have 8 days of school left to get everything done! :frowning:

The issue was fixed an hour ago. Clear your browser cache and reload the page.


I am having the same issue and need to get orders shipped out.

Clear your browser cache and reload the page.

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I cleared my cache, rebooted my machine and laptop and it’s still not working for me.

I’m having the same issue despite having cleared the browser and reloading the page. I’ve restarted the computer and machine and still nothing

Still not working ! Glow Forge
Fired off more emails and phone calls > UGH

what browser are you using?

I’m also having the same issue :frowning:

Glowforge you need to help us with these issues when we go down. You can always get support when you want to sell a new machine. But, when there is technical issues there is very little support. I emailed early this morning for help and have yet to hear from someone. So this afternoon I came to the community, which had the answer. You could have sent out a mass email to everyone so we would know how to fix it if we had the material issue. You guys need to do a lot better. Getting technical support has been an issue from the beginning.

Make sure you log out and log back in.

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If you want GF to see your message you need to email it to support, they unfortunately don’t monitor the forum anymore.

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I did this morning and they have yet to get back to me.

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