Image Load Error--weird icon then text screen then scrambled/incomplete home page

This happened last night, so after a few attempts to refresh & restart, decided it was bedtime & shut everything done.

But just restarted & logged into the app again, and went to upload an image that I’ve etched before many times (but not saved in the library, which I reconfirmed before trying to upload).

Got the standard error message that something went wrong loading the file–but then had a flash of a giant circle with an “i” in it, then a screen of some error text (not any of the error message pop ups) and then the home screen–but just one fuzzy line.

I just tried to capture a print screen, but hit refresh, which did work to reload the home screen. Just uploaded another image, which did render OK and is showing on the GFUI–so maybe something did happen to corrupt my other file since I last used it & the error message system goes whacko?

And just maybe figured it out: I was trying to open a .bmp version of the file, and another jpeg was OK (etching it now). Have deleted that “bad” one to make sure I don’t try to load it again!

Thanks for reaching out with those details. I’m unable to reproduce the behavior you described, but I’ve passed your report on to the team and we’re looking into it. If you run into this again please try refreshing your browser. If refreshing the browser doesn’t help you and you’re still unable to see your Dashboard, please let us know.