Image thinning

I was wondering how to thin the lines on this image and make it such that it will not make a double pass over the image. The entire thing is going to be cut on Med. Basswood Plywood (Proofgrade). I have searched all over the internet for a tool that can do this but have had no luck. I have tried making an outline, but because of the shape, all it does is create a circle around the shape!
The files are linked below


Which design program are you using?

I’m using Inkscape, but making an inset won’t work, it makes the lines too thin. I am open to using another program if you have a suggestion, as long as it is free.


The GFUI makes all cut and score lines the same thickness. You can thicken score lines a bit by putting them out of focus, but the only way to have what you see be what gets engraved is to use the engrave option.

In Inkscape, you can have the width you see be the width you get by setting the line to the desired width using Shift-Ctrl -F to set the line thickness and then using Path > Stroke to Path on it that will create two lines on the outside of the line width, and then Shift-Ctrl -F again to set them to fill only and line width to zero. This will still be an engrave to fill it in but it will be a vector engrave.

That’s kind of like saying a drill bit won’t make a hole bigger than the bit. If a bit of defocusing will get you a wide enough track then cool. Otherwise, you’ll need to switch to the much longer engrave time to burn out the inset channel.

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You can also do a double score, by converting stroke to path. Once you get the hang of it (stroke width), it can produce some nice results - and is much faster than engraving.

The OP asked (I think), however, about preventing duplicate passes. Hundreds of discussions of that here.

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Oh, sorry for not being more specific, the lines become so thin that some of it dissappears

That would make defocusing or doubling or both a good option.

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