Import issues from Inkscape

Hi! I couldn’t download the v6 file you were referencing. Will post elsewhere. Thx.


Hum, you should be able to right click on the image toward the bottom of my first post and click “save as” and it should save it as a svg.

Apologies…yep, just did that and opened it in Inkscape and the glow forge page and all is good! Many many thanks…still stumped as to what I did wrong, but I will try and trace my steps…



The original SVG looks fine in Illustrator. But once opening it in GFUI, Exporting, then opening in Illustrator, it looks like this.

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This is a GFUI bug.

GF is not obeying the arc sweep-flag:

From: Paths — SVG 2

The elliptical arc commands are as follows:

Command Name Parameters Description
a (relative) elliptical arc (rx ry x-axis-rotation large-arc-flag sweep-flag x y)+ Draws an elliptical arc from the current point to ( x , y ). The size and orientation of the ellipse are defined by two radii ( rx , ry ) and an x-axis-rotation , which indicates how the ellipse as a whole is rotated, in degrees, relative to the current coordinate system. The center ( cx , cy ) of the ellipse is calculated automatically to satisfy the constraints imposed by the other parameters. large-arc-flag and sweep-flag contribute to the automatic calculations and help determine how the arc is drawn.
  • If sweep-flag is ‘1’, then the arc will be drawn in a “positive-angle” direction (i.e., the ellipse formula x= cx + rx *cos(theta) and y= cy + ry *sin(theta) is evaluated such that theta starts at an angle corresponding to the current point and increases positively until the arc reaches (x,y)). A value of 0 causes the arc to be drawn in a “negative-angle” direction (i.e., theta starts at an angle value corresponding to the current point and decreases until the arc reaches (x,y)).


GFUI seems to reverse the meaning of sweep-flag:
Weird rounded corners

Which may mean they’re actually changing the direction of the path (which might cause other problems too).


Here’s a zip of my test SVG for test purposes: (930 Bytes)

This is what the code looks like:
For further details, this is the code for my test SVG:

	<path xmlns="" d="M 0,0 v 3 a 3,-3 0 0 0 3,3   h 10
			 											  a 3,-3 0 0 0 3,-3  v -3 z"
		  style="stroke:#ff0000;stroke-width:0.25" id="path1010"/>

  	<path xmlns="" d="M0,10 v 3 a 3,-3 0 0 1 3,3   h 10
  			 											  a 3,-3 0 0 1 3,-3  v -3 z"
  		  style="stroke:#0000ff;stroke-width:0.25" id="path1010"/>


But when opening the original file (v5) directly it shows the error of the edges in Inkscape and Adobe. V5 file was not from GFUI but was having the issues when imported into GFUI and the issues were the same when opening up the file directly. It was only when importing the file into Inkscape (I use windows and maybe that made the difference) that it resolved it. I have Inkscape on my Mac but just didn’t power it up to test that.

I don’t see how that can be a GFUI bug unless v5 was downloaded from GFUI (which it’s missing the settings information if it was).

Are you sure that’s the original file? Here’s what I have as the original:
face plate (10.9 KB)

It looks correct to me in Illustrator, Inkscape, and Chrome, and wrong in GFUI.

Yes, the original post is a single svg and not a zip.

This reminds me of the whole “what color do you see the dress as” thing.

I have a lot of different design software. I just right clicked on the original post image and saved it as a different name to my desk top and then had my computer open the file with affinity and below is what AI shows. @jestelle , The file did not pass through the GFUI at all :

I’m confused… that in Affinity Designer or Adobe Illustrator?
When I open it in Adobe Illustrator 2021 (25.3.1), on a Mac, it looks like this:

I think its a issue between operating systems. I have a mac and a windows and both have Affinity Designer, Adobe Illustrator, and Inkscape. When I download the original file on my windows and open it with AD, AI, and Inkscape, they all show the corners wrong. When I do the same thing on my mac, all 3 design software’s show it correct. With all these combinations, I did not run the file through the GFUI at all prior to opening the file.

Interesting. I don’t have any Windows machines to test on.

Could you try the small sample file I posted above?

That’s a pretty simple file I can confidently say is not rendering as expected in GFUI.

Correct me if I didn’t do this the way you were thinking. I just did the following with my windows PC

  1. I scrolled up to you post where you had the weird corner svg

  2. Right clicked on the image of the weird corner svg and saved it to my desktop

  3. Right clicked on the weird corner svg from my desktop and opened it with inkscape. The results is below

  4. Right clicked on the weird corner svg from my desktop and opened it with Affinity Designer. The results is below:

  5. Right clicked on the weird corner svg from my windows desktop and opened it with Adobe Illustrator. Results are below:

  6. Uploaded the file to GFUI and the results are below:

This is what my windows is showing is the code:

<path xmlns="" d="M0,10 v 3 a 3,-3 0 0 1 3,3   h 10                    a 3,-3 0 0 1 3,-3  v -3 z" style="stroke:#0000ff;stroke-width:0.25" id="path1010"/>

I can hop onto my mac real quick and update this post with how it looks there.

Awesome. This is helpful.

So what you’re showing matches my experience. Which is browsers, Inkscape, and Adobe Illustrator, handle that SVG well.

The red shape should be a little tab or foot, where the blue shape should be underpants :smiley:

But in Affinity Designer and GFUI, these shapes are rendered incorrectly, basically their swapped.

This is because in both of those programs they either misinterpret the arc-sweep-flag of the Path specification, or they somehow reverse the direction of the path, which would have the same affect.

Probably no need to test on your Mac.

GF folks – this is definitely a bug – and not one that I see an obvious work around to suggest to folks who see it happen.

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So on my mac, Inkscape, Affinity, and Adobe all show the file correct (where the red is convex) but the GFUI is showing it reverse.

Furthermore, @Deleted image of the first svg is showing AI to have the corners wrong (although I am not sure what OS that is). So that would mean Affinity, GFUI, and Adobe all have a bug?

Wow. I didn’t realize I’d cause such a fuss… :slight_smile: Thanks to all for your help, input and conversation, that’s what makes this forum amazing. I will post pictures of the final item when it’s all together…



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Lol I wouldn’t call it a fuss. I think you more of peaked a curiosity from some of us. I am not intending to be argumentative in any of my posts and I don’t take any of the other post as argumentative. I am intrigued at what is going on. After reading @jestelle response, I do agree that there looks to be a bug in the GFUI but I also think there is something more to it.


Nick, This is meat, we love these kinda problems, to puzzle out!!!



@jestelle, the only thing I do not understand is that to fix both the original and your demo file, all I had to do was the following on my Windows PC:

  1. Save the original SVG to my computer
  2. Open a new inkskape window
  3. Import the original SVG’s
  4. Save the new inkscape file

After doing that I then import the new inkscape file to GFUI and GFUI shows the results below:

Both designs are perfectly correct (I also imported them separately).

So is a work around for the bug just to create a new blank svg and import the original? I did no editing the original after importing. If so, how does this work around trace to the GFUI bug?

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