Importing the Glowforge to EU


I live in Germany and I have ordered a Glowforge Pro and I am looking forward to get it.
Now I have a question regarding to the import of the Glowforge to the EU:
Is the Glowforge conform with the EU-rights? Is everything clarified, so it can be imported without problems to the EU?

Thanks! Steffi

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I don’t know anything about Germany Law, but @dan has said that all import/VAT tax outside of Washington tax has to be paid by us and organised by us. So if Germany is anything like the UK expect a 500 euro+ bill when receiving your GF through customs.

Thank you for your answer. I know that everything that belongs to the tax, we have to do. But my question is, if everything is conform with the European Union rights, the EC Declaration of Conformity: The EC declaration of conformity
is the written statement and the a single declaration drawn up by the manufacturer to demonstrate the fulfilment of the EU requirement.

Steffi is right.
Whenever you import a machine (the GF is a machine according to ‘Directive 2006/42/EC’) to the EU, you (the manufacturer) have to confirm that you observed the European directives.

This ‘Declaration of Conformity’ has to look something like this:

Furthermore, you have to provide a user information which contains everything the user has to know to handle the machine safely.
This user information has to be provided in the language of the country, where the machine is running for the first time (within the EU).

No responsibility for the correctness of this information. :wink:

Can someone from the Glowforge team comment on this? It´s fairly important as there would be no point to back it and have it sent back because it won’t pass customs. (and loose $6000) Im living in Norway and under the same rules as Germany.

Hello from Spain.

I was thinking to fly to US and take my GF due to import tax + shipping price.

Does anyone thought on it? inconveniences? We can save a lot of money because a ticket to flight to US from Europe with some time can be about 350€.


Make sure you check the restrictions and cost for oversized luggage for whatever airline you are flying. If you are taking Iberia, it looks like the size limit is 158cm cubed and 32kg max weight. Supposedly the shipping weight is 70 lbs (31.75kg), so you might fit right under the cut off.

He is a link to Iberia’s checked bag requirements.

Also remember that while we can guarantee against it arriving DOA, if you check it onto an airplane, that guarantee no longer applies.

and at least the airlines I’ve been on have made a point of telling me they aren’t liable either.

Bad idea if you don’t declare it when re-entering your country. Varies from country but fines can be hefty if you don’t pay the import tax. Else why not import a load of electronics from your “holiday to Japan”. A Glowforge is pretty hard to hide.

But you could save yourself the shipping (but pay tax) and still declare it. If your planning a trip to the US and have a place to get it delivered.

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hey dellectronics

did you get deeper in your idea of getting your glowforge personally? i for myself am also playing with getting it by plane since shipping to switzerland costs some 1500 bucks…

have you checked it with the airlines? would be great to have an update from you.


It is obviously specific to each country but I highly doubt it is a good idea. You will have to check the glow forge at an extra cost and at the other end pay import tax or risk getting a hefty fine if you get caught out.

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As someone said before, maybe it’s not a good idea, because the insurance from Glowforge will cover everything could happen to your machine and if you take it with you you need a specific insurance when you buy your flight ticket and with a glass tube like the CO2 laser… I prefer the fully covered insurance from glowforge.