Improve the "ignore" feature." A suggestion for software enhancement

In order to ignore a part, I can select the “ignore” option instead of cut, engrave, etc. But, then I lose the setting (speed, power, etc.) for that part and have to remember what setting I originally used.

If the “ignore” option were separate from the other options, perhaps clickable without navigating into the other settings for that part, it would be much easier to print/cut just one part of many. Alternatively, make “ignore” an on/off feature so that settings are set, but then ignored instead of being replaced with ignore.

This would be particularly useful for when I want to just cut one small part to test settings. Or, if I’m cutting a replacement part for one I broke or got the wrong paint on.


I approve of this suggestion! Like maybe just a checkbox to turn off the steps we want to skip.

My workaround, for now, is to move the “ignored” portion off the workspace instead of marking it “ignore.” That makes it not print without having to change the settings.


That would be a good feature to have. Right now I save all of my settings so that I can quickly select that setting after the ignore is removed.

I agree that would be a good feature. I was just thinking about that yesterday in fact. Glad you brought it up.

Excellent suggestion!

When I figured out the taking it off the workspace meant it wouldn’t print - Wow! It was really helpful when I was making something with lots of pieces and trying to do so out scraps and needed a way to keep track of what I was and done with and what still needed to be cut


Oooh, yeah, I like that idea. Passing it on to the team, thanks!

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