Improvement Request

While the Glowforge is printing, there should be a way to be working in another file and project the time that it will take to print. Maybe there is a way to do this and I don’t know about it but it would be really helpful because I use machine run time to help price things and I always have to wait until the machine isn’t running to work on that.

Welcome to the community. You can work on another project, but you cannot get a ‘run time’ for anything until it’s time to hit the ‘ready’ button…which you can’t do while something else is in progress. Any requests for “improvements” or new features need to be sent to We are all other users here and cannot help with anything like that.


Until the file is sent to the Glowforge servers, the precise head movement has not been calculated. Until that is determined, there is no run time. As stated above, you can prepare multiple files while one is printing, but you don’t get the run time until you hit print.


You can open multiple windows and spend the time setting up each window with everything that does not involve the machine (starting the cut, seeing the bed, focus etc) then when the cut is finished all that is needed, is to push the button.

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