In case of theft, will it be possible to track the GlowForge?

Because the GlowForge connects via WiFi, if it is stolen, will it be possible to enable some kind of tracking of it’s location if it is connected to WiFi somewhere else? Like with a ‘Track My Mac’ capability that most laptops have?


Love the suggestion! We don’t have anything planned but will put it in our idea hopper.

That said, if someone steals your Glowforge, I believe we can blacklist it for you & make sure it’s unusable for them, at least with our online service.


Better to use the internal cameras to snap a picture of the culprit and email it back to the owner. :slight_smile:


seriously late on this but… If it has to connect to the cloud servers to get anything done, you’d have it’s IP right there then as it would be identifying itself to the servers for authentication for use. Doable by user log-in information or unique identifier on each GF. Assuming each GF is going to have a unique MAC address, it could be asked to verify it’s MAC along with user information and bam, you know where it is. Well, you know where it’s IP gateway is anyway. Close enough for cops to warrant and search.

The internal camera is for proving who was at least attempting to use the GF.

Assuming relative easy access to the webpage of the AP on the GF and easy to change WiFi settings, but locked out/protected user information, it’d be pretty easy to catch thieves/find who bought stolen GFs.

Anyone have any experience with Trackr to prevent theft?

I don’t, but I can tell you that Trackr keyfobs engrave brilliantly on your Glowforge!


Let it print a message to the thief :slight_smile:

If it weren’t a liability issue…let it print…warning, call phone# xxxxx, self destructing in 5, 4…burning down the house :wink: