In celebration of the little things that my GF has made

One of the things I really like about owning a GF is being able to make thingamabobs and widgets that do useful stuff.

Sometimes they are not pretty, just serve the purpose.

So here is a little post in celebration of the little things - what have you made?

Pill pot

Shelf support that’s the right size

Curtain hangers

Door catch to stop door from swinging

Ties for holding back the curtains of our gazebo

The most useful thing I’ve ever made - my bedtime iPad support for reading until I fall asleep.

And here’s the one for the other side, with an additional bed side shelf.
(Actually the whole bed is customised, I’ve made it longer and added the side panel to hold up regular books.

Then there’s the iPad in the bath support. I’m paranoid about knocking the iPad in the bath, so the rubber bands hold it tightly to the support and the support is cut to fit the bath rack so it can barely move.

Just some of the little things that make my life better - what are yours???


Those are nice practical cuts.


In fact they are…


Here’s one of mine…

Wow…didn’t realize how long ago this was now…


You’re rocking the practical cuts!!!

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Even if you hadn’t posted so many cool things I’d have given the like for the purple bed set.


That’s my missus who takes credit for that :slight_smile:

I like that iPad stand on the bed rail…need to figure out how to do something like that because propping it on a pillow does not work well. :smile:

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Nope - far too slippy and in danger of falling on your own head when you fall asleep .

The freestanding one for the middle of the bed has an 8 inch base, so it is quite stable. For the bedside, if you can’t hook it onto something how about a board that goes down the side of the mattress? Shaped like a shepherds crook in profile… TBH the whole reason for putting in the side panel on the bed was to prop up books and ipads.

Some very creative work! Enjoyed your post!

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Love these! Thanks for sharing and inspiring! :slight_smile:

iPad in bathtub is my favorite.


Thanks - what have other people done - sweet. simple and often ugly - show us your instant hacks