In Desperate Need of Help with a Box Design

I’ve done everything I can to get this to work but it absolutely will not no matter what I do. I’m trying to make a Krispy Kreme style box for our pastor’s birthday. I love this simple design but need it to be dimensions of a KK box. I’ve attached the dimensions I’ve tried …

when it opens in Ai it is incomplete. What am I doing wrong or what do I need to change to get the box bottom and lid to slide over it in the proper dimensions??

What is incomplete when you open in AI? Also, have you tried selecting svg rather than ai/

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Those do not look like your settings even if out of scale 365x285x55 is not the shape of a cube. I would double check your settings before you hit the generate button.

Where the rectangles should be where it connects, they are only in one corner and not all the way around. SVG did the same unfortunately

I don’t want a cube, I’m trying to make a rectangular box with a lid :grimacing:

It looks like you have two boxes, not one rectangular box.

Perhaps a pic of what you are trying to accomplish would help. The only donut boxes I’ve ever seen look more like rectangular pizza boxes.

I can’t stand donuts, but I used to have to buy them for meetings with a customer in Richmond…

The picture above of the box is the example from the website of what the lid and base look like with their cube dimensions. The dimensions attached above are what I was using to get the lid and base to be rectangular but I’m obviously doing something wrong lol

Here’s a KK box :
KK box

Someone who uses a box generator will be along to assist - I’ve never used one.

Knowing nothing about them, your w/d/h seem to be correct but the first pic is nothing like those dimensions.

lol - it’s not because that’s their example box with their dimensions, not the ones I put in. Thanks for your time anyway! I do appreciate it.

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A lot of people make tabbed boxes, and a lot of those who do use “generators”, so I am sure someone can figure it out.

If you put in the dimensions for the box you want then that should be the box you get but it will not hinge at the back like the KK box. Wood is stiffer than paper so will not “give” a bit to open that way and you have to work out the geometry so it slides up and down like your illustration box. I have used their boxes and not had an issue when used straight up, but none of the lines are connected so modification is more a problem than starting from scratch, which is what I do now.

Makes sense. I didn’t want it hinge I just wanted a simple base and slide on lid but can’t get the dimensions right. Any suggestions on starting from scratch and just doing it myself?

What dimensions do you want for the main box and what material will you be using?

can you be more specific about what is “incomplete”?

When I enter your parameters Boxes - TwoPiece, I get an svg that opens in Inkscape just fine, and contains 10 pieces. The svg is below:


This is not at all what it looked like for me :weary: I think I have found a solution though, someone designed it for me. Thank you all for your help!

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