In Need Of Help - New to Glowforge

I purchased the Glowforge Pro a few months ago and love it. I have done some engraving and small projects all on wood. I am learning as I go along but I am in need of immediate help for which I am willing to pay.

Our Bichon of 15 years died a few weeks ago and I would like to use a photo I took of him to create an engraving of him on acrylic (on a stand that lights up). I have the photo but I am looking for someone who could edit it etc and give me the settings to create this project. If there is someone willing to take this on - I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you in advance.


It would be helpful to share the picture you had in mind before someone commits.

It could be simple or extremely difficult depending on the colors and contrast in the source image.

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Thank you. Here is one I was thinking of.


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