In search of Engraving Okoume plywood settings for GF Pro

Hello All,

I have a GF Pro for the last month-I’d like to do some engraving on a piece of Okoume plywood 1/4 inch (SVG design). I’m in search of the best settings for this type of wood for engraving -dark. I would appreciate any assistance. Thanks

The best settings are what you find by experimenting starting with PG settings for similar wood. If you engrave tightly packed one inch by a quarter inch rectangles and keep notes of what you did with each, you can get a lot of tests with very little sacrifice.


It looks Janka wise that it’s similar to padauk - and there are definitely settings on here for that - I’d start with those and use one of the engrave tests to get it perfect.

(Two examples, you can definitely search for more!)


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