In search of: Small shelf for showing off things on conventions

So. i know SOMEWHERE i found a topic about a kind of shelf with 3 “stacks”
bit they were kinda big, anyone know what i mean and can point me in the right direction for it or a smaller one, or how i can shrink the one on here somewhere?

Found it, like these but for 3mm?


Have a look at

That site can generate a lot more than just boxes, including custom display shelves.


I would also recommend this:
Taylor Stein is imho the best fusion360 tutor, and this praticular video teaches some neat tricks which will allow any laser cut object with finger joints to be modified on the fly for different material thicknesses.

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Im gonna be honest, i have no clue about what to input in there xD

This is good link! Surprisingly I bookmarked it and completely forgot about it so thanks for reminding me again LOL

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Hi @she_is_evil,
So these aren’t angled like the ones you referenced, but they may do the trick?

I didn’t have a banana, the universal unit of reference measurement, so instead I included the pen to provide scale to the carrot, which provides scale to the egg, which provides scale to the bottle of bitters, which provides scale to the 12oz aluminum can, which provides scale to the small bottle of Chambord, which provides scale to the three blueberries, which provide scale to the quarter, which provides scale to the nickel, which provides scale to the penny, which provides scale to the dime, which provides scale to the shelves. Or, the inside of each shelf is ten inches and the depth of the shelves from the bottom are 3.5, 2.5 & 1.5 inches.

I couldn’t make a shelf of any decently small size that fit on a single piece of proofgrade, but you could cut two from three sheets and still have a little scrap leftover. I’ll post the cut files in the Free Designs category under small tabletop shelves or something like that. The image of Sisyphus by Nikolay Necheuhin of the noun project will be deleted of course. But it shows how they can be personalized.


Thanks so much, this is exactly what i wanted! :smiley: