In search of the mythical August update?

Is it just me, or am I the only one who keeps checking the forum every day to check if I have missed out the email for August update?

I have a sinking feeling that they are not updating because of a possible delay again :sob:


We had an early July update then a later July update but I have been looking everyday also

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Yes, I have been checking periodically to see if an August update has come out but if you look back at past monthly updates, you’ll notice most of them came out between the 7th and 10th of the month.


He usually doesn’t post them until something significant changes. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Great. So I’ll be refreshing even more for the next three days :joy:

I expect it will be after the first Pro is actually shipped.


An update is the only reason I’m popping in lately. But like John said - they don’t usually show up until we’re a chunk into the month.

7 days is a ‘chunk’ of the month.



Now that product is “Shipping” we should be getting updates more frequently than a month. I guess, no news is bad news here. The more we are kept in the dark, the worse the news seems to be.


sometimes, sometimes not. i feel like there’s no point worrying about something like this until it happens.


Although I’ve lived this Dilbert in real life, IMHO it doesn’t apply here. It’s been 28 days since the last update; I think it’s reasonable to expect another update from GlowForge.

The worst thing a developer/manufacturer/creator can do as the finish line approaches is reduce the amount of communication. It generates churn, negative responses, and expectations of even more delays (which are usually born out - otherwise why not just go ahead and provide the update?). Being clear and providing an update that articulates what’s been accomplished (# of production units actually out the door, challenges/issues still being addressed, etc.) even when you don’t have enough clarity to calculate the schedule impact, would make people more comfortable.

People who have been oh so patient thus far will join the queue of individuals who have given up on GlowForge and asked for their money back. Of course, that will also happen when they announce that delivery is shifting into 2018, in even larger numbers.


That early July update was in June, and has been said, the later July update was 28 days ago.

You don’t think Dan and the team are Zombies?


Well we know they are not on the fast-zombie side of the undead divide. :grin:


HaHa still sad at the same time… it’s like the longest countdown to Christmas evvvver



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Its in reviews. Hopefully out of them soon!


I’ve been looking for it too… in hopes of reading about some sort of better schedule to let me know when I should hopefully get the email.

But instead I end up feeling disappointed and depressed wondering why I keep coming back here. I have nothing to contribute, part from liking what others (who were lucky enough to get a pre-release or even their production until) are making and drooling over ideas that I had just to see those others beat me to them.

And now they want us to invite friends and family to this forum… why?.. so they can say “wow that’s cool, when do you get your machine?,” or “shouldn’t you haven’t gotten yours already?”… yeah, no thanks!

I feel lame and significant… just like with that beta unit form asking if I was anyone notable… nope… I’m nothing… just a backer who gave you his money and has been waiting for just about 2 years and have barely received any kind of communication, unless it is about another delay.

Though, I did get a free book out of the deal, thanks Dan!


I’m sorry our communication was unclear. Once you receive your Glowforge, you can invite others to use it, and they will have forum access so they can share their prints.

I also apologize to you and everyone who hasn’t received yours yet. We’ve got a lot of units to ship and we’re working to get to yours just as soon as we can.