In spite of recent changes


In spite of the recent changes for engraving settings right when I made these, I got a decent look out of both of them. The photo is of my son when very young…wearing the wizard hat and cape that I made for him, thus the ‘caption’ on the wizard engraving. The other is for my lovely daughter-in-law. Just a couple of examples of what can be done with the Glowforge. They live back east, so won’t have opportunity to see it in action for a while longer…and I’ll take these to them when we visit back there in a week.

(@kittski…this is your version of the image that you made for me…thank you!)

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending April 15th, 2017

Wow. They came out very well! Seems you’re getting the hang of this pretty quickly! :slight_smile:


Well, they both turned out just great! They’re going to love them! :smiley:


Awesome! That photo is adorable; if you could somehow get that reflection out of there, I think it would make a great engraving.


That is such a beautiful job on both of your engravings. I hope I will be able to do as well as you are doing. :grin:


wow those are gorgeous, and this is really a teamwork for everybody :smiley:


I’m betting the reflections are from a glass frame.:wink:

Google’s free PhotoScan app works miracles for art that you don’t want to unframe.


(and thanks too, to dwardio)…it’s just in one of those plexiglass box type frames. Would be easy to get out…and yes, it would be a fun engraving. So many ideas, so little time.


Decided to keep my rejects for experiments in the laBORatory! Put some embossing powder on this one. Worked pretty well, but the powder is horrible to brush out of all the crevices of the engraving. Still…fun to try multi media ideas.


I wonder if a blow dryer wouldn’t get it out of the crevices?

Your rejects are lookin’ pretty danged sharp! :smiley::+1:


You mean before heating the embossing powder or afterwards! Har de har…just kidding. That might work. You actually can’t see it that well unless you look very closely. It could be confused with the subject in the image just naturally glowing, I suppose. Especially since it came from a Glowforge! Better quit now before someone locks me up.


@Xabbess, thought you might want a heads up. The S/W update from Monday that allowed the very low power settings on engrave was rolled back tonight because it wasn’t fully compatible with other capabilities. So the settings you just learned probably won’t work until they decide to push the update again.


Could the dusty crevices problem be solved by going back over the engrave portion with a fine paint pen or felt tip pen, just to darken over the lines again?


Thank you, rpegg…I did happen to spot that. I thought it so ironic after the uproar on here last night with everyone helping me learn how to enter manual settings. Rather laughable, really! What I learned though is going to stay with me, as the general knowledge I gained will eventually be very useful. Thanks for letting me know.


Possibly. Guess it will just depend on how offensive or annoying it is. Good idea, though…thanks. Lots of experimenting in the works…such fun!


WOW! These are lovely!


Here @Xabbess I played around with your image a little. :wink: I hope it turns out alright.

Can hardly stand it till I can get engraving on my Glowforge. :grin:


What a lovely thing to do :slight_smile:


Wow…thank you so much, @cdoug! Very kind and generous of you! I just saved them to my desktop and will look forward to using them. Right now, getting ready to travel east to visit my little wizard, who is now a grown-up, but an engraving of this might make a great birthday gift for him this coming July 4th. Again…thank you! :relaxed:


Happy to help :blush: I enjoy getting into Photoshop and Illustrator any chance I get. Actually had a little time for once.