Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending April 15th, 2017



Last week


What Happened with the Engraving Update?

Made on a Glowforge

You’ve All Heard that Story

Army Training

New PR man! (Congrats @PrintToLaser !)

How Low can it Go

Art Stamp Laser Polymer

Badge of Honor

Etching on Glass Tiles

It Was in the Cards

Glowforge Can Fix It

Knife Block (Completed)

Delicate Touch

Cinch Bag (Catalog Project)

Sunstone Laser Comparison

Useful Stuff

Another Lux Prize Winner

In Spite of Change

Weeding to drive you batty

A Box for Ben

Adventures in Acrylic

Hoppy Easter Wreath

Bat Mandala Redux


Keep Calm

Pile O Kitties



Card Sorting Tray



Stamp Boxes



Crafty Cookie Cutters



Free Laser Designs

Universal Ruler


Parametric Cone


Journey to the Center Ruler

Super Special Projects

Dream Castle



Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending April 22nd, 2017
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It is amazing to see the amount of cool projects that are done in a single week. :grin:


Between life and learning the laser and programs I have almost no time for the forums anymore. Unread and new topics now top 100 - something that never happened before.
These highlights are my only hope of keeping up, and activity is accelerating!
Thank you Jules!!


I hear you on this! I drop by maybe once a day, but I’m having the same difficulty. We’re going back east next Friday and I’m still struggling to make sure everything is ready. That’s not like me…usually, I’m ready to go days and weeks ahead of time. I try to dedicate a day to just getting stuff ‘done’ around here and inevitably I end up firing up the Glowforge. Then, it’s all over…


Thank you for your service. :wink:


Bothers me because everyone has given me so much here, I miss my friends - and what has been such a large part of my life for the past 18 months.


Oh, same here…but no worries, I’m sure. I suppose things will simmer down just a bit after we’re more used to having a new ‘roommate’ (yeah right… right?)[quote=“PrintToLaser, post:7, topic:7105”]
I miss my friends

…and everyone will still be here waiting.


I miss being able to get into conversations…I’m still skimming everything, but there’s not enough time for extended chat.

Maybe we ought to send them back…what do you think?

(OMDB) :smile:


I seldom laugh out loud (LOL) in an empty room with just me and my computer…but I made an exception for this

Or to put it another way…har de har har har!


I could PM you my address and I’ll take it off your hands! :slight_smile:


No, please - not yet!

Someone (correctly!) pointed out the other day that these PRU’s are borrowed machines. That really stuck with me. So while part of me is absolutely spazzing out over all of the materials and concepts that I want to test, the saner part of me is trying to pull it together and focus on learning/making all of the important stuff before they call it in for return! :dizzy_face:


I thought of that too, yesterday while working on my file for multiple things in one session. I won’t need those things until mid-July…and that’s getting mighty close to the projected timeline for production. I think I’ll make them earlier. :slight_smile:


It’s amazing how quickly you get used to having one around. (And get used to walking around the piles of material on the floor.) :smile:


And how long you’ll spend trying to figure out why something won’t work - even after you’ve found an alternative that works :slightly_smiling_face: I did nothing this week except work on dozens of iterations of my simple Aztec calendar. Works fine on my other machines (DXF or CDR) but there’s something about the translation to SVG even from Inkscape that won’t load in the GFUI. Might just be too complicated - it’s not a huge file but it’s got 22,000 nodes in the drawing.

I’ve supplied support with a bunch of files and test of what doesn’t work so now I’m going to move on to some other projects I’ve had on the table - including my cut & engrave calibration file which I tossed up to Support last night :slightly_smiling_face:


The education has greatly accelerated since the prerelease! OJT has always been very effective for me. You run into holes in your understanding, and it’s a standing challenge to get to the otherside and achieve your goal.
Yep lots of time, but it’s so satisfying!

Friend wanted some coasters with his favorite teams…

The Bruins logo had yellow spokes and black, the yellow engraved at a different power by default. No adjustments to the file, just drag and drop.

Nothing but awesome from this experience. :sunglasses:


You should post those in the Made on a Glowforge category…they’re soooo cool! :smiley:


Imagine what this place is going to be like in 3-6 months when the rest of us get our machines!


Yeah, I’ll be looking like :dizzy_face:


I just want to say how much I appreciate these Weekly Highlights @Jules! I do my best to keep up through the week (but struggling lately). But, to keep my wife interested but not overwhelmed, I have started going through the weekly highlight post with her at the breakfast table after we finish eating on Sunday mornings. It’s just enough to show her what’s going to be possible without taking up too much of her time.