Incomplete UPS Tracking and no real follow up from GF

Was very excited to receive the notification from Glowforge that my unit was on it’s way. Less excited when the tracking number was incomplete and, per UPS, was invalid. Subsequent follow up to the support email has left me with no additional information and I am leaving the country in a few days. (I.e. neither my husband, nor I, will be able to sign for the package and UPS will only allow you to hold for seven days)

The only email I received back from Glowforge was, “we’re checking in to it and will get back to you as soon as possible.” Why would a team of people need to look in to getting a complete tracking number?

I am signed up with UPS and the shipment is not showing so I can’t get the info there. I’m honestly stressing at this point and wondering if anyone has any suggestions? At this point, it’s not even about being excited about getting the unit, truthfully, I wish I wasn’t because this is causing stress; it’s more about trying to square this away before I am gone.

Anyone have any thoughts? Thanks!


If you are signed up with UPS Mychoice you my be able to get it delivered to a neighbour or relative.

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I am signed up with UPS MyChoice however it’s not showing up.

No relatives here and we live in a city. I don’t know most of my neighbors enough to trust them, as cynical as that sounds (sorry! city life :slight_smile: ) and we have issues with porch pirates even in locked foyers.

If it shipped when GF said it did, we would have it in plenty of time but I don’t have accurate info to confirm it did. Argh.

Thank you for the suggestions! I truly appreciate it!

Have you tracked other packages through UPS MyChoice? If so, then a lot of what follows is moot.

You need to be at a residential address. It could be UPS MyChoice disagrees, but then it shouldn’t let you sign up in the first place.

The name on the package has to be the same name as you provided UPS MyChoice. If either name is misspelled, and that would include if it was addressed to your husband, I don’t think it will show up in UPS MyChoice. I don’t know if they consider Tracy to be equal to Tracey. I know packages sent to my house, that are not in my name, don’t show up for me.

That it isn’t showing up and that the tracking number is incorrect, could point to some sort of mixup in shipping.

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I have a ton of shipments run through MyChoice because I’m an artist working at home and constantly getting supplies here. I have every variation of the spelling Tracey (thanks Mom and Dad for giving me that extra e) as a possible “nickname,” since people always misspell it, and there have been no issues. I also have both my business name, my husband’s name and my maiden name in there. (the exact name the GF is being shipped to is in the system) I have never had an issue. I just don’t understand why it should take days (and according to the email, “a team of people”) for GF to provide the correct tracking if it was actually shipped. I fear you are right that there is some sort of mixup with shipping.

Thank you for the response! I guess at this point there is nothing I can do but wait until I (hopefully) hear back from Glowforge.

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That appears to be a generic response from glowforge. Sometimes it takes hours and sometimes it is accurate. At least from what I read here. Every once in a rare while it gets lost in the system. I think a lot of it has to do with the volume of support tickets. Odds are it is a fairly simple mistake and will be corrected when they get to it, which will hopefully be soon.

I do know that when shipping truly gets screwed up (not talking about glowforge; personal experience) it can take a while to get everything sorted out. It is usually not just one shipment, it goes deeper and takes time to verify and correct everything. I’m really hoping it is not this, and is just a more basic mistake.

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They did actually respond relatively quickly to my initial email only to tell me that would “escalate it to get the tracking info” that’s what has me worried since I still haven’t heard back. To me, unless there is some deeper issue, or the unit didn’t actually ship, it shouldn’t take that long to get the correct info. This is just a stressful thing to deal with when already stressed trying to prepare to leave but such is life I guess.

Thank you again! I appreciate all your info and feedback. :slight_smile:

In my case, my proofgrade showed up in MyChoice, but the GF didn’t. I just got the GF yesterday, and came to find out my first name was misspelled. I don’t know why on earth the label wasn’t automatically generated or copy/pasted, but it suggests there could be a mistake anywhere in the address. :neutral_face:

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We had a similar issue. The proof grade shipment showed up unexpectedly, and three days later we got an email from GF saying, “Your proofgrade materials are on the way!” Uh thanks?? I know the proof grade materials come first, that’s fine, but it would have made more sense to get the email from GF before the package.

I checked the address I have in the UPS system against what I put in when we ordered the GF and they match so unless they did something wrong creating the label, there is no reason this shouldn’t be showing up.

Glad you received the GF!!! Have a great time with it!

I’m so sorry for the late reply. I’ve followed up in email with an updated tracking number and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.