Inconsistent burn issue

Hi All,

Making a sky scraper. Wondering if you have any ideas on this. The engraving is getting less and less deep. You can see by this file that the bricks are less engraved. Any ideas? I used the same power. It also stops during the cut of the windows. It always stops at the same spot.

wall (1.6 MB)

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Not sure if this will help, but we have run into a similar issue, we can normally solve the issue by cleaning all of the lenses and mirrors. Just a thought.

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There is a window under the left side and a matching window on the left side of the printer head. That is where all the power goes from the printer to the head. If a bit of smoke touches either window while the laser is firing the smoke is baked on to that window. Obviously, this is a random process that builds up, but it is possible that a single occurrence in the middle of a cut can have a noticeable effect . The only answer is frequent use of Zeiss wipes on those windows. Even when I could not see an issue on the window the wipe has found a bit of brown and the next cut is better,

There is another issue I am seeing across the very top where you are getting a lot more staining. I have found that if there is anything messing with the airflow from the carriage fan the cut will be extra smoky and often not as deep if the smoke catches fire like a candle flame.

When you are cutting near the top of a board the drop off will create turbulence that will mess with the smooth airflow. This is more the case the thicker the wood but anything can do this. What I have done is just place another long scrap piece along the top so the air is not disturbed, and the cut is much improved in that area. Btw, even a bed pin can cause such turbulence though over a small distance.

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Thanks! I will take these things in mind!

That might just be the issue. It does need cleaning.

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