Inconsistent finish on medium cherry plywood PG

I have a couple of sheets of medium cherry Pg that I received right after Christmas. I cut a small sample from one of those as a proof of concept and to show color and finish (compared to walnut and maple).

Based on that comparison, I ordered 26 sheets of med cherry plywood. The first sheet I cut does not match the original sheet I got in December. It’s a shade or two lighter and the finish isn’t as smooth.

I was really hoping that PG would be reasonably consistent in color and finish. This is definitely not the case here.

The batch I just received is uniformly poorly finished in comparison. The finish is not smooth and lighter.

I’m very disappointed and stuck in a bad position because I need to cut 45 panels out of all of this and install it next week. And this is nearly $400 worth of wood.

I am with you on the finish, it should be consistent and good but the color, well there just is no way for this as long as you are using real wood. The best hope with color is to have several around and peel a corner and find the best match. This will be more or less with different woods. Cherry will be the worst of the three :proofgrade: plys for color consitancy, walnut will be the best.


i know it’s not going to be perfect, but this was damn near the same as the maple. not a little off but a lot off.

Must get new glasses - I’m sure it said ‘Inconsistent fish on …’


Just commiseration here, I have a ticket open right now for flaking, weird finish on thick walnut ply. That’s a significant color shift – is it consistent across the 26 sheets? I’d be curious to know if there’s a higher chance of color matching when ordering all at once (not that it helps your super frustrating current situation).

I really love the concept of proofgrade and it’s fantastic when it works, but there are definitely consistency issues. It’s doubly frustrating when we plan ahead and order our materials in plenty of time before deadline, but then discover problems that are only revealed post-print when we take off the masking.

Well, then I guess I need new eyes…I thought the same thing. And I’m wearing new glasses…:roll_eyes:

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You need to change your optician !

spot checking (i looked at about 30-40% of them) it looked consistent. there’s variation across, but it’s within a reasonable color shift from the one i cut and peeled. and it’s also consistent with the not-so-smooth finish, which is different from all the other PG i have. so i can make it work. and probably nobody here will say anything or realize it. but I know it could have and should have been better. especially the finish, even if we want to say that much variation in color isn’t unrealistic as long as it’s reasonably consistent in the same batch. there’s no reason the finish texture should vary that much.

i had to go back and double check. it wouldn’t be the first time i typed one of these posts on my phone and some weird autocorrect made it in there.

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Thank you for letting us know about this. I’m so sorry for the less than delightful experience with Proofgrade. We’re following up via email to make this right.