Inconsistent SVG file upload & retrieval

I am experiencing very inconsistent and frustrating results trying to get SVGs to upload:

  1. Running Chrome on a MacBook networked through an Apple Airport Extreme.
  2. Files are exported to SVG from Illustrator (Creative Cloud most current version).
  3. All text is outlined etc.
  4. SVG uploads are only successful about 20% of the time; 80% is the “unexpected error message”.
  5. In some instances previously successfully saved and printed projects cannot be reloaded - also produces the error message.
  6. There is no pattern to the errors. In one test I changed the name of a successful upload, and tried to upload the renamed file within 5, 10, 15, 30 minutes, and it fails. I have taken a successful file, modified it very slightly, exported it, and it fails.

Trying to fulfill commercial orders is becoming a problem - I’m having to resort to rasterizing the images, which is not the quality desired.

If anyone has pointers to address the upload problem I would greatly appreciate it.

I too am running a MacBook and have had issues the last few days too. I get the same “unexpected error”. What mine does is to seemingly hang up when I go to change file uploads, as if it was not connected to the internet. I end up turning WiFi off, back on, reload, and usually all is well. Sometimes I have to close the app as well and then reopen. I thought perhaps it was Comcast’s fault (because is usually is), but web pages seem to load just fine. I haven’t cleared my cache lately, so will do that just in case.

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Service provider is also Comcast. I wonder if that might be a common underlying factor?

An update on this - instead of exporting to SVG, I saved as, and that seems to have solved the problem; for now.

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Just what I was about to suggest. We have a little tutorial that lists the proven successful settings for all of the various vector programs.


Thank you, Jules!

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you can also try PDFs from illustrator. i save as PDF and have only had one file give me problems that i solved by doing SVG instead.

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thanks once again @Jules!

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