India Shipping glowforge

When will you start shipping to India. No emails for my product. Atleast give us tentative dates by when we can expect our product.

According to the latest update, you should have your Glowforge before the end of November, Filter by the end of December.

Doesn’t mean you won’t get it sooner than that, but currently, no later than that.


I’m not Glowforge Staff but I can confirm that we haven’t revived anything saying the schedule for shipping has changed since the June update. One Pro email has gone out but not the shipping notification yet.

At least 3 more shipping emails went out for basic units last night.

Unfortunately we haven’t seen any emails for international shipments yet(not even Canada). This is probably for the best since they decided to rework the shipping box. I’m going to guess they want to proof the new shipping packaging before they start international shipping.

This may not answer your question but it is a nice summary of what we as customers know.

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Has anyone got his machine shipped to India? Also wanted to know what would be the custom duties like?

I was exploring options w.r.t. Courier Vs Cargo. Any suggestions would be helpful - thanks!

In the interest of others posting a link to the blog:

How we imported our GlowForge laser machine to India:

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Sounds like you found a work-around. Congratulations! :slightly_smiling_face: