India Shipping

Hello everyone and glowforge,

When I can expect my glowforge here in India.

Are everyone gone receive their glowforge by Oct 31.


I have not received any email regarding new shipping status. Also when the glowforge will be shipped.

This is what the latest update said about international orders:

We’ve received orders from more than 80 countries, and are hard at work on the logistics and the compliance standards to be able to reliably and legally deliver to every country. International shipments will start later but are scheduled to be completed at the same time as US shipments. However, there’s a risk of delays: we’ve been going through the process of investigating individual countries one by one. So far we haven’t found any problems we can’t solve, but if we do, we will reach out to you individually.


Is there a date for it. How much later.

Because every time the shipping period is jumping 3 months ahead.

nobody knows, as it depends on glowforge clearing all the regulatory and shipping hurdles, which will be different from country to country.

No it usually jumps in six months increments this the first 3 month one, apart from the filter.

No there is no date, other than they say they expect to finish in Oct or Nov. How much you believe those dates, given their past record, is up to you.

Did you get an email from Dan Shapiro and Glowforge with the latest general shipping schedule update? That is the only communication you should be expecting until overseas shipping starts.

When they start shipping overseas, you would eventually get an email asking you if you are ready to receive a Glowforge. Then more with shipping details.


Haven’t received any mails with heading “I HAD LET YOU DOWN ONCE AGAIN”…HAHA from glowforge team yet.

It’s hard to believe that 2 years on, still they are struggling with manufacturing and not yet ready with the shipment.

Can’t Believe I waited for 2 years. It’s been lot of patience by everyone.

I think crowd funding campaign must start when product is near to ready. In this case it was developed much after the funding period. Public got sold to cunning add campaign.

Well a lesson learned regarding crowd funding. Never fund technology based products since there is no guarantee when they will see the light and how long they will last.


Your frustration is understandable. If you contact them, we understand that a full refund is readily available, and then you could order something that would best suit your needs.

Don’t disagree, Would never have purchased a unit had I known it would take this long. Expected 6 to 8 months but assumed the H/W prototypes and more importantly the S/W was further along.

But that said. I’m incredibly glad I had nothing more pressing to do with the money once it was committed. Very pleased with the Pre-Release unit in our studio. I believe that folks that order now will have a small fraction of our wait for a great product.


I heartily agree on this point. The wait has been difficult, but I am so happy with the Pre-Release unit that I’ve been allowed to use and I am eager to receive my pro. Doubt I would have purchased if I had known that it would take this long, but I am very glad that I hung in.

I absolutely understand why folks are frustrated about the idea of waiting longer, though I would encourage anyone to hang in if you can. It really is worth it.


this is unnecessary, they’re being politeish and didn’t ask for a refund.


Hi Mayank,
Please see if this helps.
How we imported our GlowForge laser machine to India:

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I hope you opened it up and tested it before you shipped it to India. If there’s a problem, GF is only going to cover returns from where you had it initially delivered.

Hmmm. Never been to India but know that much of it can be quite hot and humid. People get used to different environments. But the GF has a fixed limit for the high operating temperature. Hoping it will be installed in a room with adequate cooling.

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