Individual Problem & Support Ticket Tracking

I did a GF Community search, and didn’t readily find the following recommendation:

Would it be possible for the GF Support Team to add one element, and revise another element in the user’s Account & Settings page (

ADD: Add a Trouble & Support ticket tracker tab/section that would list when a trouble ticket is submitted, when it is being worked, expected resolution timeline, and when resolved - what was done to resolve. An easy grid that shows the user’s personal problems & support history. I would guess that this is already in a GF Support Team database, so it would be a relatively easy data sharing piece.

REVISE: Revise the Purchase History tab/section to include any purchases made to repair the user’s GF (e.g. black cable, wheels, etc…). Right now, mine just shows my materials purchases from the GF Catalog and Shop, it does not display any repair/replacement hardware that I’ve purchased. Should be an easy element to add, since it’s simply a list of what was purchased through support, date, and cost. The part invoice and purchase data is already with GF, so it would be a relatively easy data sharing piece.


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Support doesn’t monitor this part of the forum; if you want them to see your suggestions, you’ll need to make a new post (moving this one won’t work) over in Problems and Support. That opens a support ticket, so it will get their attention. :slight_smile:

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