Indoor Security Camera Enclosure


I have a number of Samsung security cameras around my house, and a couple outside. Amazon usually has the refurbished models for like $70, so I got one to keep an eye on my Glowforge now that I have a new office/work area. Using inspiration from the planter posted by @polarbrainfreeze found here. It’s hiding in plain sight, but probably not fooling anyone. Just a little more decorative than that stand that it came with. Love that I have a replacement Glowforge, as I’m working on a couple of epic projects!!!


Oooh! Very pretty! We’ve got them scattered around the perimeter but none inside. :grinning:


Matthias Wandel just posted about hiding a raspberry pi in an old outdoor bird feeder. Syncronicity, or bandwagon, who knows. Looks like a cool portal though!


I have a couple in bird houses outside. Pre-Glowforge, or I would have made them myself!!!


I expect you will have close up images of people examining this object as they try to remember where they saw it before, heh.
Looks 100 times better than a lens staring into the room. Good job.




Very nice!


That looks great! I love how you modified my design. I especially like the top.


Maybe I should take this idea and adapt for my Amazon Echo Dot :sunglasses:


I also have plans for my Echo’s, specifically the dots. Haven’t finalized any ideas yet, so I’d be interested in what others have come up with.


this a simple design I made.


Hiding in plain sight is the best way (as long as you have remote storage)!

That’s why I really liked the Canary (all in one) for my office. More than once I had alerts from people walking up trying to figure it out. :sunglasses:

I have more than a few cameras. A side gig is Physical Security. If someone wants to get in, they will, but a picture is worth a thousand words. I’ve found a mix of obvious (sacrificial) and disguised works best. Also external and internal. External should be cross-fired at corners so every camera appears in at least one other cameras view. Indoor cameras should cover the doors pointing to the outside maintaining privacy by keeping the focus narrowed to the door.


Beautiful! Not exactly subtle, but they don’t all need to be.


I LOVE this!!!