Infatuated with me what you have done

I literally opened my Glowforge a week ago today and am slowly marching through the free designs. I bought the chandelier earrings file and am now infatuated with the possibility of making earrings. But here’s the problem…I don’t have any skills or software. I am all ears…


Welcome! Searching the forum for “earrings” is a good place to start.

I’ve put some additional features of search to good use, searching only the first post of threads and limiting it to the “made on a Glowforge” category.

Read as much as you can stand to read, there’s a lot to learn but there are an immense number of posts out there.

And of course have fun :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forum. You started at the right place with free laser designs. The tips and tricks and matrix of tutorials has lots of design assistance.

Choose a design software and start using it. I use Inkscape. It’s free and there are loads of tutorials and lots of folks use it on the forum.

Watch YouTube videos. They can really help.

Best way is just to start simple and go from there. My first earrings were hardwood initials of the wearer. Easy enough skill to master. Throw some text down. Convert to paths. Do a union. Add a hole.

Make sure the font’s counters (cutouts in As and Os and Bs) don’t trip you up.

In no time you will be making earrings like these masterpieces form @cynd11!


I am always thinking of ways to make new earrings; my advice would be to look at everyday objects. For example, I was inspired by tattoos when I made these ones:

Or these where I was thinking of the sun:

The most recent ones I did, but of.course don’t have pictures of, are geometric designs. The other piece of advice I would give is having a plain idea and adding to it to make it more visually appealing. So when I originally started I did basic shapes with something in the middle, but then I eventually started adding a score line to outline the work if it was too plain, such as with the geometric stuff. I’d also say don’t sweat not being a great artist, at least this early on. It wasn’t until recently where I looked at something I did and it occurred that I might be better than I was a year ago, in fact I’ve even started hand drawing designs and I never would have thought about doing that when I first got the laser.

Like these guys said up here, take your time and learn as much as you can when you can.

Oh, my wife just sent me the new earrings:

So you can see how I added an outline to these just to give them a little more to look at. Don’t worry, you’ll figure it out! Good luck, and if you ever have questions about my process, feel free to ask me, or others on how they do it and I’m sure they’d be happy to help you out. That’s the best part of this forum, there are a lot of people willing to help when and where they can :grin:


While learning to make your own files is the best way to go, these might help in the meantime.
And welcome to the GF and the forum, can’t wait to see what you make!

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This should keep you busy for a while:


Here are a few that I have been making lately


We mostly sell earrings - check our our instagram

It took a little trial and error but figured out good settings and sizing. We mostly use illustrator and 1/16" hardwood from inventables.

Scale is really important because they are so small you have to be careful not to put too many lines close together or cut too deep. Then we use jump rings or bob smith industries super glue to attach to earring posts.


My wife loves your stuff! I really like the way you incorporate paint into your designs :grin:

If you could stop making such cute things, that would be great. My wife ends up having “her own ideas” after looking through your Instagram, and that’s when I end up in trouble :joy:


I do a lot of earrings as well. You can check out and follow my Instagram account at

You will need to scroll down a bit to find the earrings. My best sellers tend to be the ones with a local theme. Earrings are fun and easy to make.

I’ll let me wife know your wife loves her stuff! :laughing: But seriously thanks!

@dominicwgv I love the clarity of your designs! I think too often we with lasers get do more ornament because we can not because we should. Nice work!


Great, I’ve been wanting to draw some monstera earrings, and now that I’ve looked at your stuff, I’m going to be influenced by how great yours are! You also have a fantastic collection of designs, thanks for sharing!

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