Pre Release: Leather Earrings



Okay, sorry for the barrage of projects all at once but these are what I’ve created over the last 3 days and I’ll be taking a break for a couple days to give you a rest. :relaxed:

Here’s another project that has been rattling around in my head for a long time. I created it in Illustrator with all lines set to black (cut) except the score which was set to red. The stitching holes were a challenge. My first attempt (on the left) did not account for kerf and as a result the holes were too big, eating through the outer layer. My next iteration was more successful. I used the method described by @likeablejerk to create a pattern brush for the holes, and played around with spacing and scale of the brush to get the holes the size and spacing needed. By making the circle extremely small I could use just the kerf size for the holes.

These were cut from Proofgrade Standard Leather (I think it’s the medium size). The one in the middle was scored with the dark setting which was too strong–it mostly burned through the leather. The one on the right used the light setting (still a bit strong but they are still tweaking).

After making two that matched, I peeled off the outer masking and colored the leather with a light blue Copic marker. Then peeled off the inner masking (that’s the natural leather color). Then stitched a bunch of 15/0 gold seed beads with 6 lb Crystal Fireline, added some Swarovski pearls on gold plated ball headpins, added leverback earring findings and there you are:

I’m VERY pleased by how they came out.

Leather Earrings
Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending April 1st, 2017

Those are amazing! So happy an early machine came your way!


Absolutely beautiful!!
My wife will freak with your post since this is what she want to do with the :glowforge:
Thank you for sharing!!


Those are gorgeous! Thank you!


As you should be. Don’t worry about us seeing too much, the more the merrier :slight_smile:




Nice work! :tada::heart:


Those are amazing! My wife is going to be monopolizing the time on the glowforge when it gets here with those kinds of things. Thanks for sharing!


Fabulous!! Your magic with the copics on both paper and leather is making me want to buy some… but they’re so expensive!! Maybe I could ration and buy one a week, or something…


They turned out fantastic. I like the color that you used to color the leather. :slight_smile:


Gorgeous! The Copic markers look like the way to go for detail color on leather. This color mimics turquoise really well, with the unique twist of actually being leather. Glad to see that the dark engrave lines really hold up well to the coloring.

Technology, meet Artist. Artist, meet Technology.
You’ll be a very happy couple.


Joanne fabrice actually has the copics on sale right now. …±+Scrapbooking--Copic±+Markers+§-_-copic+markers_phrase&002=2365735&025=m&004=2220116883&utm_campaign=Suppliers±+Scrapbooking&005=137665998&006=52180029843&utm_medium=cpc&007=SearchMobile&utm_source=Google&start=5


I’m in France. :sadface: But thanks!


@cynd11 Have you ever used Windsor and Newton promarkers?


You can’t order them online?


Nope! I’d like to try them but have too much invested in Copics to switch. Are they alcohol based?

#17 has them, but they are craaaazy expensive. I’ll have to do more research to see if I can find a cheaper source. Shipping and import duties from the US can be eye-wateringly high!


Sweeeeeeet! Great job on those and I love the bead wrapped edges. :grinning: