Information on pre-release units


I knew that, but i thought it was funny how you worded it. :slight_smile:


As I understand it, if you applied for the beta program you will get one of the pre-release units. If you did not apply for beta testing then if you are one of those in the initial (October 2015) purchase you will still get your GF sometime in the month starting tomorrow.


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I’m pretty sure I saw somewhere that there were around 1000 people that applied for betas back when that was first offered, so I’m pretty sure not every beta applicant will be offered a pre-release unit. Also, no doubt many of the beta applicants were from outside of the United States and they have stated they are only shipping pre-release units to US addresses. I would honestly be surprised if there will be more than a handful of pre-release units going out, given the short timeline we have.


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Not sure how you’re reading that into anything @Dan’s posted. But it’s not correct.

You can only get a pre-release machine if you signed up for the beta. So all pre-release recipients did that. But not all those who signed up for the beta program will get a pre-release.

Those who bought in the initial round (pre-Oct 25, 2015) are currently slated to ship in December. Those folks may or may not receive their GFs this year. But that’s subject to the schedule email @Dan promised for later this week (“by Friday”).


I think your summary is correct as far as how beta/pre-release will work, but I think this piece is slightly off:

The sticky up top says that we can expect the shipping update on Dec 1st … which is tomorrow (insert tiny squee)! I am waiting with bated breath, and crossing fingers for good news.


Dan has stated several times that the team asked for an extra day, so the announcement will be on Friday.


Actually, they had said we would be getting the announcement before the end of November, so stating they’re going to do it on December 1 is in fact using the extra day.


Except that was when his original commitment was by “the end of the month” referring to November. Then when he made his next announcement he changed it to the end of this week which I caught as a change to the announcement date and that’s when he made the comment about the staff asking for an extra day.

But he said “by” which if taken literally means no later than tomorrow. (Which is also consistent with what I wrote above. I didn’t say it was “on Friday” - before is not the same as on. I did that because he could post it today and he’d still be “by Friday”.)


Is the speculating like a Pavlovian reaction by now? ROFL! :smile:


I find that taking things literally tends to lead to disappointment more often than not. So, plan for the worst and hope for the best. So, when someone says “the next announcement will be by the end of the week”, I assume it’ll happen Friday. If it happens earlier, then great, but I’m not anxious for the announcement since I’m not actually expecting it for another two days. Makes for less stress, and if there’s one thing I strive for, it’s as little stress as possible.


LOL, I find it amusing how we all have such different interpretations on even the simplest subjects! So many nuances, so many technicalities. With that said, I really feel for Dan and other GF staff members - by now, they must craft their forum posts very carefully!


I have not been offered a pre-release unit today. So for the parsers out there does that mean I wasn’t offered one?; I might have been offered one yesterday?; I was offered something else, not a pre-release unit?; or that I’m messing with you?


Because I never learned to keep a personal secret… I got nothing, nada, and probably won’t.


ROFL, oh man that’s good…hee, hee, hee… - Rich




That’s my typical approach - the whole glass is twice as big as necessary type.

But @Dan has proven himself to be extremely careful in what he says - the literal interpretation has almost always been the case (except where he’s made an inadvertent mistake). I expect he spends a fair amount of time deciding on the phrasing of his messages. Especially the big announcement posts. So with his posts I look for the literal explanation. For others I grant a huge amount of leeway and assume the worst (like “by the end of the month” means 11:59pm on the 30th unless it’s up until about 7:59am on the 1st because that’s when the next month’s workdays start). Taken to the extreme, I don’t recall that @Dan has said December 2016 but I’m too lazy to search the forum to check - I just know that is a level of cuteness that would be extraordinarily damaging so not likely to occur.


Poor word choice: I should have said, “may get one of the pre-release” instead of “will get.”


Remember that this is the document that’s going out to pre-release users. It is entirely possible that they either did not have any remaining allocation of pro units, or just did not have pro units for the beta/pre-release program.

Yes, it’s possible that Pro units could be late, but it’s also possible that they won’t. Dan has made a couple comments on the forum to indicate that they anticipate shipping Pro units on schedule, and the company has so far been pretty forthcoming in letting people know if there are going to be problems meeting deadlines.

I’m cautiously optimistic, and look forward to hearing more later this week.