Information on pre-release units


Chuckle! Who would know? Even the people testing it won’t be able to tell. Unless you’ve actually tested both, you don’t know which is better, and the people in a position to test both generally don’t talk about it.


It doesn’t matter. You should see the endless discussion on the internet when Apple uses two different suppliers for an iPhone component. The public is neverrrrr satisfied. :wink:


Hmmm. You do have a point.


There are things that aren’t quite ready or enabled on pre-release. Whether or not that is upgradable and part of the cloud software or is a hardware issue, don’t know. I’ll check to see if this one is battle scarred.


@marmak3261, remember to take some pics of the unboxing - not necessarily for public consumption, but so you can get it all put back together for re-shipping! :smile:


What if…you could buy the pre-release at a decent price AND get your original one?..(hint, wink ,nudge…@dan)…just a thought.


Hi Dan and Folks at Glowforge,
I absolutely want a pre-release unit!!! I am excited to be apart of the pre-release group, and can’t wait to try this machine out and give feed back!!
So go ahead and send it my way!
Jason Russell
Serenity Pet Cremations


Sorry, you’ll need to fill out the beta form, which is where they get the information:


Also, you probably want to edit your post to remove your phone number.


Please do your I-videos in landscape mode. Portrait mode drives my anal side nuts :grin:


This could be taken completely the wrong way


I so want to take people’s TV or Monitors and rotate them to portrait mode when they keep recording videos that way.



I see what I wrote, now!


Good thing that you can edit it still…


I’d probably just make it worse…


How can one tell if they signed up or not? I was fairly certain I had submitted a beta app. If I was to submit another would it complicate it or …?


At this point…I’d say go ahead and submit it again…nothing to lose.


You have a pre-release M2 that’s a tank?!?!?!

M2 Medium tank


I think I may have submitted my app twice. Hopefully, I made improvements the second time around and did not disqualify myself in the process.


Oh dear… you made me snort my soda right though my nose…owwwwww. :confounded:

(mine is a 3D printer) ROFL!