Information on pre-release units


Shoot I thought this was the information we were going to hear “by Friday”…I wasn’t holding my breath for another announcement from Dan.

As a Pro owner I hope you’re right though!


As I understand it, it is what we’ll hear about on Friday. Both the basic and pro delivery schedule. Exactly what he’ll say is onl speculation


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But seriously, I’ve checked my e-mail constantly and even fixed the issue with one of my accounts so it synchronizes again. Over 300 emails to sort through and not one from @dan. Need to check the settings to make sure it being sent to me correctly. :smiley:


So you are saying that Dan has forced you to accept a pre-release unit! Or that they shipped one to you without even checking to see if you wanted one!


Yeah, and they forgot to ask me for my address. That process is really screwed up.


No need to slow down the process with details


True. What scares me is why would you be shipping pre-release units in November, only to “recall” them 1 month later? My hope is that are shipping the pre-releases, will then ship all the September orders in December, and replace the pre-release units at some point after the October and beyond orders start to sihp.

I guess we find out in 2 days with the shipping announcement @dan promised.


I have been waiting too long for my GF… I think I’m ready!

And that is all I have to say about that!


So true. Good to see you.


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Stupid easy fix. Just turn the VHS player on it’s side.


Now that’s cleaver. :wink:


A few years ago I accidentally shot a bunch of moto trail-riding with my gopro sideways. We stood a laptop on it’s side to watch the footage.


The announcement will definitely be about the shipping schedule. On-time, early, or delayed. But since we know Basic were shipping first, I’m not sure if we’ll hear about the Pro shipping dates. Hope so! Guess we’ll see!


Wow. So I turn my head and don’t look at this thread for a day and a half and there are like 150 more posts! Excited much, are we? :yum:


That’s funny :slight_smile:

[Dec 2 2016] Q&A with Dan

Thank you so much Dan!


Besides being crazy excited about getting my Glowforge one day, I would LOVE to create a ton of videos on our YouTube channel. While we don’t have the reach of the Tested team, we’ve got 375k subscribers and 38 million views so far, so I’d do my best to give it some good pub! :grin: My friend David does most of the teaching and I do the editing and occasionally teach as well. Sure, it’s a cheap self-promo, but It would really be a blast to help make my future Glowforge the best it can be.