Information on pre-release units


Nice diagram! :smiley:


Thanks, that clearly shows what is happening. This makes much more sense to me now. :relaxed:


No, that’s a temporary software limit until we build the ability to vary usable printing area with head speed. It’s overly conservative, and as I note in the “to do” section, we’ll improve it to 11.5 x 20.4. See this post for more details.

There’s no news here about Pro other than if you ordered a Pro and you’re chosen for a pre-release unit, you’ll get a temporary Basic.


I apologize for the confusion in the post - I interchanged X and Y and rounded some numbers. I believe it’s correct, and should be the same as the website now.

@jdodds: DXF is definitely on the todo list.

We still have a schedule update coming by the end of the week.

Actually the pre-release units can do it too, we’re just only sending them to US customers.

We’ll have a schedule update at the end of the week.

I’ve asked our design team to make something pretty to show off. :slight_smile:

@dan_berry Thank you! That looks correct.



Which did you find disappointing? The shipping work area gave me pause at first but the fact that they can adjust it via software to make up for all but a 1/2" was actually encouraging. It seems the only new news here was all positive and indicative of settled hardware and good software with a defined roadmap that is in line with or exceeding expectations. Software can be done non-intrusively (they don’t need my unit back to fix something). I’m far happier with this report than any of Dan’s previous ones :slight_smile:


I’ve backed a few Kickstarter products which had to have FCC, CE and UL certifications. The shipped units say pre-release, demo, testing unit, or something similar until they can get all of their certifications. In most cases, parts of a product or early versions of the product have been sent to get early feedback, so there aren’t last-minute surprises.

I’m sure there are limits on how many a company can distribute this way though.


Thank you.


I thought about that but decided the glass is half-full today :smile: Some parades should not be rained on (I’m a little surprised that no one has said “but what about the schedule announcement, where’s that?” :wink:). Lots of goodness in this one. The next one will be what it is.


This seems to be a day one feature. I hope this isn’t Glowforge’s way of pushing Proofgrade materials on us.


Does this mean only those who signed up to be beta testers will be considered for pre-release units?


That is correct.


Bummer :frowning:

I had reasons at the time preventing me from beta testing, but I’m available now to participate in the pre-release testing.


Doesn’t that just make this extended Beta Testing?


In one way yes. But customer testing is usually broken up into Beta (we expect bad things & have allocated time/resources to fix them) and Pre-prod (we think it’s all good and are looking for validation). But they are both not-production :slight_smile:

We separate them in our company as well - it helps manage the client/testers’ expectations of the pain we expect them to have inflicted.


@m_raynsford Pretty much. (too late. James’s response is the more accurate and thought out! :wink: )

@Just-Maken-It, you can still fill out the beta application (I think). I would think that they have already chosen the pre-release receivers, but if people turn it down, then there’s still a chance.


Hopefully, @dan will confirm how this will work letting me and others know how to proceed. More than willing to complete the beta form if that is needed at this time.


Welp, looks like I will be checking my email religiously.

What is the best way to bribe the Glowforge staff?..asking for a friend of course…


Appreciate you calling me a friend. Barely know you.


I think I’m just disappointed really, this isn’t exactly shipping in December, it’s just entering the next phase of testing.

I know it takes a long time to get a product sorted and I understand that, but it’s a shame to say Glowforge is shipping when it isn’t really.


We don’t know the shipping schedule for production units yet. There will be another announcement on Friday regarding the shipping. No sense in jumping to conclusions when a real answer is just a few days away.