Information on pre-release units




This is the best news I’ve heard for a long time!! Thanks for all the hard work, and for keeping us all in the loop. Bravo


Hey Dan,

Hope this is not a completely automated email newsletter,. I am interested in the pre-release unit. If you can send the info packet so I can fill it and get the process started it would be much appreciated.

Thank You



Thanks for posting @mspricethelibrarian! What a lucky school!


@mhagood, you have to fill out the Beta Application here: (They do not mail anything out.)

(And the slots are probably already filled for the pre-release units by now. A thousand people signed up for it.)




Omg please send the email lol. This all looks great! I am a pro user but the basics look so awesome I feel bad calling them basic.

Keep up the good news @dan!


Yes I am interested please count me in.


Welcome @mxuereb to the forum. I believe it has already been determined who is getting pre-release units. Unless you are using the forum to contact Dan about getting the actual email and not just responding to the post.


The update has been very energizing for individuals and the forums.

I am stunned by the increase of posts, new topics and even increase in active members.

Hopefully, Friday’s announce will bring clarity about the Pro’s versus Basic’s versus Pre-Production’s because I feel like the speculations and micro inspections and “spin” of @dan 's posting have been worse than the Fantasy Football guesses at the beginning of the season trying to accurately prognosticating the first week of the playoffs. It can be fun to razz your buddies over their choices and what they think the 1st week of playoffs are like, but it goes from being edgy to painfully cutting when the predictions get treated as hard and fast facts.

There are specs which look great and some that are currently disappointing, but nothing that is hard and fast that have been settled. Pre-Production models are just that.

I guess my desire is to deal with what Dan has committed to and stop stating that “:scream:They are not going to ship :scream:” because of whatever. The reason Dan choose Flex to produce the GF is they have the capacity to get them out the door to us.

The old 80/20 rule applies here. That last 20 percent is going to eat up 80 percent of Glowforge staff energies and time, but they will get it completed. The finessing of the GF internals does not mean a complete redesign.

Most of all, lighten up the speculation and realize … DUDE you’re getting a Glowforge !! :glowforge::squeeee:


I never do this, but :squee::squeee::squeeee::squeeee::squeeee::squeeee::squeeee::squeeee::glowforge::glowforge::glowforge:!!!


This is what ive been waiting to see since I plopped my money down. Any idea on when the unveiling is?


PS: Would LOVE to see a GF example of this!


@dan, thanks for the update. Lots of great news and fantastic progress :smile:


Thank. you. Dan! This was so exciting to read and comprehend! I just now ran out of ‘likes’…so I offer;
:+1: :heart_eyes: :smile::+1::+1: …and for now, just one of these…:squee:


Speak for yourself—I’m pushing the “Check Mail” button every 30 seconds, like a rat in some lab experiment. :wink:



I have been a slack lurker…


That’s okay - I’m not getting one either. :wink:


Like this clip, my montra will be “All hail Dan and Crew” if come Friday the shipping update has a Pro heading my way by December end (December 2017). :slight_smile:


FWIW, I made a visual of the gantry dimensions because I’m sure some people will think the change of space is horrible… but it’s not.

Grey = gantry size
Purple = old estimated workspace
Green = new workspace

There is about a 1"-2" dead zone / “print margin” near the front.

Specs update