Information on pre-release units


Will check that now. Not yet any other option than regular.


Was never offline S/W. The promise was for the unit’s firmware. In theory if the community had the firmware a third party might be able to develop something to drive it. Not all that useful without a lot of time and some really dedicated developers.


then a great possible idea for them to do so we could use atleast basic commands on the laser
or make it so a 3rd party software could control it


Love this, but also fear it. Could the Glowforge bring about the apocalypse?


Short answer: Yes.
Long answer: Probably not.


@niccoli.joseph: what @rpegg says is correct; we’re going to open source the firmware that comes with the laser, and let you load alternate firmware, but don’t have any other plans at this time.


So the next question that naturally follows is:

If a linear gradient is used for a 3D engrave, how close will the inclined surface be to perfectly flat if a homogeneous material like acrylic is used? Any experiments performed along these lines?


Are pre-release only available in the US? I’m very keen! but live in Australia :frowning:


U.S. only at this time.


My apologies if I missed answers to these in the previous 129 posts:

  1. How many pre-release units will be shipped?
  2. Have all the prospective pre-release candidates been contacted and, if not, when do you expect that process to be completed?
  3. When will you start shipping pre-release units?


You didn’t miss the answers - they’re not there :slight_smile:

The only one we know is that at least one person here on the forums (@marmak3261) has been contacted. @Dan made a post earlier telling someone they could still sign up for the beta program to be considered for pre-release which implies that not all of the pre-release candidates have been picked much less contacted.

No clues as to your first question of how many will go out.


I sent in my shipping info (pre-release situation only so don’t panic) this afternoon. From what I gather, the Glowforge going to me is getting sent out this week.


Thanks @marmak3261 - looking forward to your initial and subsequent reports. Is there any chance that you will do an unboxing video?


Heading to the store right now to get a phone mount since I don’t have a Glowforge to make one. Never did get one and don’t have any digital video cameras of quality, just the iPad and iPhone. I had been working on my YouTube channel to get the process down. Nothing fancy though.


The end of the world through competitive crafting will happen or not. Glowforge would simply be the preferred instrument of the warring parties.


Congratulations. Makes all the time you have spent on the forum worthwhile.:grin: :gift: :glowforge:


Send It!:wink:


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Yes, it’s very nonlinear. In the hopper is making this something we account for in software, so a linear gradient engraves a straight line. (We work around it by using curves in Photoshop in the mean time).


Hi @j_d_hastings, there are a lot of materials that are safe for laser use, and several that aren’t. @jordanloshinsky put together a great Link Repository that rounds a lot of them up, along with other useful information. (Click on the Materials tab for the safety info.)

But you should be safe if you stick with buying laser-safe materials from a company that sells materials for lasers. (In other words - might want to avoid EBay purchases at first, and stick with Burlane.)