Information on pre-release units


Thank you-That may be exactly what I was looking for! I don’t need the machine by any set date, but being able to research and learn these things before it ships is itself a relief.

Thank you again!


I assume all the prerelease invites have been sent out this point?


We don’t know. Since @dan was soliciting sign-ups earlier today - maybe not. :slight_smile:


You can always ask questions on the forum, too. There are some very smart people here that can probably help. And they are friendly, too!


Yes please! I would like the pre-release model. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
-Matt O’Grady


@mogrady1989 - you need to go sign up as a Beta Tester here in order to qualify for one of the pre-release units:


I’m designing projects for my library and my students, but this Forge is selfishly for my home shop! Going to really put it through its paces before we hopefully buy one soon for our library makerspace…see if it can survive my enthusiastic high school makers! :slight_smile:


Do I need to sign up to be eligible to get a pre-release unit?


Yes, at that link. :relaxed:


Thanks! I wasn’t seeing that email at first with all the information. :slight_smile:


All I can say is WOW! Thanks @dan and all the Glowforge Team for all of your hard work. I have been crazy busy today trying to catch up with all the posts on the forum.

It is so exciting to hear everything coming together. Can’t wait for my Glowforge to arrive.
Can’t seem to stop checking my email… :wink:


So excellent! This is a great rundown. Expect some really stoked people soon!! :smile:


I apologize if I seem presumptuous, I’ve ran through that first message about 5 times now, and I’m just not seeing this question answered.

On those pre release units, if someone(let’s say me) ordered a basic plus filter(and I did) and was able to participate in getting a pre release unit, would I eventually turn in the pre release unit and get a post production model?

There was some verbiage that the pre release units are still technically yours and no warranty granted- and in lots of other parts that pre release units are hardware wise exactly like post production model, just some soft/firm changes, which technically, could be fixed remotely, and then the pre release would mirror post production unit.

Does the pre release unit then going to be the “one” and be considered paid for as-is condition?

Or is it that all the pre release units will come back in, be refurbished, and production units sent out to the same ones that opted for pre release?

It boils this all to how much consumer risk I would have if I said yes(if I even get that chance.)


Correct. Somewhere dan mentioned that all the pre-release units will be replaced with new production models; one way you know that is that they’re all basic models, and may end up going to someone with a pro order.


Third line in fourth paragraph explains you return it and receive the unit you ordered.:relaxed:


If given a choice, I would personally rather keep the pre-release unit. They are generally tested more thoroughly than production units, and they’re past the hardware change stage unless something major crops up.

(I’ve got a pre-release Gazelle, and the new pre-release M2 that is a tank.)

It does say that these will be returned though.


The email states that you will be shipped your purchased Glowforge when it is ready. At some point they will ask you to ship the pre-release unit back at their expense. That’s how I read it.


I don’t disagree (not that it matters, I’m international :D) but it’s also possible that a different hardware revision in the pre-release units may invalidate later software updates.

I wonder how much all this shipping back will cost them, ha.


A lot. Which is why they might offer the testers the opportunity to keep the pre-release units. Just wanted to let folks who get them know that there’s nothing inherently wrong with a pre-release, and sometimes they are marginally better.

For instance, I prefer the deeper toothed filament drive gear in the pre-release M2 rev.E that I have, as opposed to the ones they ultimately shipped the bulk of the units with. There are pluses and minuses to each, and they switch out easily with a wrench, but for my needs, the deeper toothed gear works better so I never switched it out. :slight_smile:


They have ridiculous funding, so they can blow a few thou on shipping; besides, given the cheerleaders and criticizers here can you imagine the drama if something on a pre-release model did better than a production (even if it ultimately harmed lifespan, or something). Bleh.