Ink Stamp Disaster

I am trying to make a rubber stamp and I did to a degree. I followed directions and somehow I still messed up. I thought the white space was supposed to be taken out and it seems like the letters and object are not standing out as they should be. I’m messing up material and I’ve already destroyed a fair share of money already; so here I am asking for help. I need someone to help not just give me a link; all of that has been reviewed and not helping. The first letter came off as well. I need this like three weeks ago when I first made my attempt to make it. Now I’m down to my last week to make this.

Without seeing an image of what you are trying to make, or a list of the things you have tried, it’s going to be really hard to help you.

In the meantime, here is a step-by-step tutorial I wrote that seems to have worked for a lot of people:


Here is the picture and the QR code was just a thing I’m trying to do as well.
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I am making it in Inkscape and transferring to GF.

There is no sense in re-inventing the wheel. Try the tutorial I linked. But before you do that, convert the gray croissant in the above image to black. You will not get good results from a greyscale image if you are trying to make a stamp of it.


I agree on that. I did make a trace bit of it first before I made the attempt.

Why are you sending me a link as if I am purchasing something from you? I am seriously interested in trying to figure out how to get the letters raised so I can make a stamp. I didn’t ask for materials to purchase. Besides the information on that particular page is not helpful for what I am asking for.

She’s sending you a link that can possibly be of help to you…which is what you’re asking for. If there is part of the link that you don’t need, then ignore it. @cynd11 is one of our long-time and most knowledgeable members. A bit of appreciation for her time would be appropriate.


Helping is not providing a source to make a payment when that is not what I asked for. Thanks for your remarks.

Click on the title of the thread (Art Laser Polymer Stamps How To) which is a tutorial, not the link to the Art Stamp Laser Polymer. It seems you clicked the wrong thing and then got kind of snippy. We are trying to be helpful.


This is the previously linked tutorial:
Click here: Art Laser Polymer Stamps How To
It’s a great tutorial.
You might have clicked the link within the tutorial before and thought they were trying to sell you material – they were just including a link to their source – which is helpful if you need to find material.

But the techniques described above are exactly what you need to do.

Good luck!


Now that people have stepped up to help you, it still stands…a little appreciation for their time is still appropriate.


You do understand that you have to engrave away everything that you don’t want ink on and leave the material proud and unengraved that you want to have the ink on? So basically the image you posted below has to be the exact opposite, a negative image. White where you have any design, and black everywhere else.


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It is my understanding that the stamp tool in the UI inverts the colors - although the file posted above needs to be black and white, not grayscale and with colored text as posted.

Inkscape has multiple blur filters that can create the ramped edges of intricate designs.


I had trace bit map it all and did all of the other stuff that I read on. Currently I am just stripping what I was given and changing the font. Thanks, I will see how well things go with this information.

That file I attached was just for show. I am using it as a guide for the file. I actually got it to work, it is just the letters giving me grief. Thanks for the insight.

@cynd11 linked you to an awesome tutorial here in the forums. You obviously clicked in the wrong place and thus misunderstood, but as others have said, it’s absolutely worth taking a look. And then maybe thanking her for the time she put into it, and for going to the effort of finding it again in order to help you. Just saying.


Falling on deaf ears, I think.


I feel kind of responsible, because I’m the one who sent them here for help. Sorry about that, @cynd11 ! :slightly_frowning_face: