Inkscape 1.0 Beta

Inkscape has released an early beta 1.0 version of its fine software here. It’s going to be mandatory for those of use using the latest Mac software, since prior Inkscape versions are not compatible with macOS Catalina. Good news: Inkscape is now a native application — no need for XQuartz.

If you decide to replace an earlier Inkscape version on your computer, remember to salvage the defaults.svg file you’re been using. Move it into the new application to save your preferred settings.


This is cool news. I think this version was supposed to support proper fillets, I’ll definitely be testing it out.


I’m very excited for this! I’ve become oddly fond of Inkscape.


So, Hershey text seems to just not work at all. Anyone had any luck?

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Just read the release notes. There is a lot to love in there. Fillets, centerline trace, draw circle from center, hairline strokes………

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So I think the filleting is a visual clip and not actually a path modification. That’s disappointing. I’ll need to test it with the GF, but my guess is that the corners will be sharp even if filleted.


Oh, that would be disappointing.

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Yeah, right? The rounded corners extension is good though, if you’re dealing with straight lines. If you’re trying to fillet two curves you’re out of luck.


OK, I think I’ve got this fillets thing worked out.

  1. Create your object - say a rectangle
  2. Do object to path
  3. Select Path Effects, Fillet
  4. Adjust a corner as you want
  5. Do object to path again

Now they corner is converted to proper bezier paths.


Hershey test working for me.

  1. Create normal text
  2. Select it
  3. Menu, Extensions, Text, Hershey Text
  4. Click Apply

If like me your GF life depends on Tabbed Box Maker - I have been through the brain-bleeding process of getting the darn thing to work again. Needs testing, but I think I’ve got it.


Huh, that’s not how hershey used to work. You used to be able to just open hershey and type in your desired text and voila. I’ll try the new workflow and see.

That is a different hershey plugin - you will need to re-install it as an extension. That one stills works as it always did.

So my fillet was set to 2mm radius and it was definitely too small. I measured the radius at .142 mm. It’s definitely not working correctly yet. Caveat emptor.

H[quote=“evansd2, post:14, topic:47038, full:true”]
So my fillet was set to 2mm radius and it was definitely too small. I measured the radius at .142 mm. It’s definitely not working correctly yet. Caveat emptor.

I wonder if this is another stroke/geometry/visible issue where it is taking the width of the stroke into account?

Hmm I’ll try it on a filled shape with no stroke. Momentito.

Nope. 0.154 mm measured radius on a “4mm radius” fillet.

:frowning: - so OK if you only need a rounded edge then… Let me try it here, see if I get anything different. In the meantime I’ve lost my windows min/max/close buttons

Spot on for me!! It’s not that you’ve got % or px or something ticked by mistake?

I don’t think so.

Looks the same as mine. Drawing was fine, cut was fine. I did a 5mm, not that I think it makes any difference on mine.

As in “You beta not depend on this version for production work!” :face_with_raised_eyebrow: