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Help, trying to create this image with the lettering in a circle shape that I will use for a patch. Still learning Inkscape and have no idea. With bold circle outline. Been on YouTube still can’t figure it out.

I have struggles with this every time as well. There is a text to path tool that will do it, however the fine control leaves a little to be desired. Select the text, hold shift and select the circle, and go to the text menu at the top and select put on path. Hope this is helpful. If not search text on path, or text to path in inkscape on youtube.

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I find IMPORTING text, or any other image for engraving created in PaintShopPro or another program easier for me.

Are you trying to create an outer ring that is etched, as well as the outermost cut line? To create a ring, once you have the two circles the size you want, with both selected, change the object to path (under PATH), then pick EXCLUSION, and then combine, and set the fill color.

I use this website for info on doing some things in Inkscape.

Here’s a link to the “Text on a Path”. It has instructions on how to curve the text.

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Select the shape (path) you want it to follow, then select the text, and use the menu option Text/Put on Path

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Got a short video on how to create circular text here:
Inkscape - Circular Text - Type on a Circle

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Thanks. The outer circle will be bold circle and then I’ll create another for the cut if that makes sense


Thanks. That video was a big help.

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For the bold circle:

  1. Make a circle.
  2. Go to the Fill and Stroke dialog. Select the Stroke Style tab.
  3. Make your width the thickness you want.
  4. With the circle selected go to Path -> Object to Path.
  5. Go to Path -> Stroke to Path

You now have a circle that will engrave. To be safe go to the Fill and Stroke dialog and on the Stroke Paint tab make sure No paint is selected.

As for the outer, cut circle that’s just a circle, but presumably you know that part.

Thanks again. Much appreciated

Lamar M. Ware

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