Inkscape - Creating a Circular Dashed Line for Perforations

Just to simplify this a bit…

  1. Starting with a red-filled solid black stroke circle:

  2. Change it to NO-fill, and assign a dash from the stroke menu:

  3. Sidenote: Don’t bother trying to use the Convert to Dashes extension at this point. If you do, you will see a warning dialog box like this indicating that it fails:

  4. Go to the Path > Object to Path menu and first convert the circle to a path.

  5. After you convert Object to Path, it might deselect the circle. Reselect it, and then use Extensions > Modify Path > Convert to Dashes

  6. The circle will still be a grouped set of dashed lines. If you need to modify or remove some of the dashes for your shape requirements, break them apart with Path > Break Apart.

    …and you should now see them individually:

  7. Do whatever else you like to the dashes – delete some, change the color for creating separate cut layers in the GFUI, or even repeat the process on a single dash to make “dashes on dashes” if you like.

  8. When you’re done tweaking it, I recommend combining it back together again so it’s easier to manipulate and move it as one unit.

    8.1. (not as recommended) Use Path > Combine to combine the path again. I don’t recommend this because if your tweaks included different cut colors for layers, it’ll lose them because you can only have one Stroke style applied to a single path – so it’ll revert to a single style.

    8.2. (preferred) Select all of the dashes and use Object > Group to keep them together.