Inkscape - Creating a Circular Dashed Line for Perforations


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Just putting this here, not knowing what the plan or how more tutorials are going to be done regarding dashes. In this with the circle and the one with the straight path, the extension that is part of a normal install of Inkscape seems to be an easier way to do this. Just change the path style to a dashed and set the dimensions as you want. Then select the path and apply the extension Modify Path > Convert to Dashes. This results in regularly segmented, broken path. You can do a lot to modify the default dashes in the stroke style dialogue. This allows you to make any path a dashed line. Something hard to do with irregular squiggles.


:thumbsup: The Extensions > Modify Path > Convert to Dashes extension is entirely underrated for what it does.


Just to simplify this a bit…

  1. Starting with a red-filled solid black stroke circle:

  2. Change it to NO-fill, and assign a dash from the stroke menu:

  3. Sidenote: Don’t bother trying to use the Convert to Dashes extension at this point. If you do, you will see a warning dialog box like this indicating that it fails:

  4. Go to the Path > Object to Path menu and first convert the circle to a path.

  5. After you convert Object to Path, it might deselect the circle. Reselect it, and then use Extensions > Modify Path > Convert to Dashes

  6. The circle will still be a grouped set of dashed lines. If you need to modify or remove some of the dashes for your shape requirements, break them apart with Path > Break Apart.

    …and you should now see them individually:

  7. Do whatever else you like to the dashes – delete some, change the color for creating separate cut layers in the GFUI, or even repeat the process on a single dash to make “dashes on dashes” if you like.

  8. When you’re done tweaking it, I recommend combining it back together again so it’s easier to manipulate and move it as one unit.
    8.1. (not as recommended) Use Path > Combine to combine the path again. I don’t recommend this because if your tweaks included different cut colors for layers, it’ll lose them because you can only have one Stroke style applied to a single path – so it’ll revert to a single style.

    8.2. (preferred) Select all of the dashes and use Object > Group to keep them together.

Inkscape - Create a Dashed Line for Perforations