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I’m having problems with a circle outline that I want dashed in Inkscape where I used two circles and the “Exclude” in the paths tab to leave just the “Stroke,” I’ve tried turning the “Fill” off and leaving just the “Stroke,” and I’ve tried keeping the “Fill” and the “Stroke” but turning the opacity to zero, but nothing seems to work when I bring it into the GF UI. I keep getting the popup that says there’s dashes that it turned into lines. I’ve actually done this before on my very first real project I did, and it worked by selecting “Score” in the UI, but it’s not working with this circle. When I choose, “Engrave,” it burns the filled area, whether it’s filled or not, and “Score” turns it to solid lines.

Lastly, I keep getting popups that say text has been removed because they weren’t turned into paths, but I turned all of the text into paths, and from what I see, all of my text is still there.

Thanks in advance for any insight you might have on this. It’s driving me crazy since I’ve made an oval and changed it to dashes when I first got my GF and was able to use it under the “Score.”

So dashes is easier to fix. As for the text, you’ll probably need to upload your file to get specific advice.

Select your dashed oval, and go to… um… (looking)

Extensions → modify path → convert to dashes

This will convert your dashed stroke (which is just decorative for printing) into real path segments, suitable for scoring and cutting.

If you haven’t fooled with everything in extensions – especially modify path – it’s very much worth your time to see what they can all do. Really handy stuff in there. Also look at extension->text and extensions->generate path. All gold, all worth your time.


Sweet! Thank you sooo much! I sure don’t remember doing that the first time, but who knows! Maybe I was just clicking on everything as I tend to do, just to see what will happen. There’s always Ctrl+Z to go back! My favorite key combo these days! LOL!

As for the text, I’m going to give it a whirl and just see what the GF does with it even though it’s continuing to give me that message.

Thanks again!


Well, if you want to upload the design we can probably figure it out, but trial and error is like 90% of how I do things too, so I get it :slight_smile:


Yep, I’m one of those that wants to mess with it and mess with it until I figure it out…but then I do tend to have the problem of not having any idea how I came to resolve my problem. Probably why I didn’t remember converting that very first oval to dashes! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

The new Inkscape has several rabbit holes I have not explored yet but object along a ath can be anything from a dash to a fish :upside_down_face:

The other day I had some text on a project that also gave me that warning. I knew I had converted it and I could see it so I ran the project and it worked just fine. I ended up running the same thing 3 times on different materials and each time it gave me the message that the text was removed.
A glitch in the matrix?

It makes me wonder because last night when I ran it after fixing the dashes, I hadn’t changed anything with my text and on the third attempt, it no longer had the popup in the UI about text being removed. I’ve had a couple of odd things happening, and honestly right now, I couldn’t recite what they were, but I’m so new at learning the GF and its UI that I don’t know whether it’s user error or something with the new update that was just done.

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Oh, cool! Thanks for sharing that bit of info! :smiley:

My preferred method to learn oft ware apps!

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